University Pride: 5 Cool Ways to Show off Your School Spirit

These days many people are feeling a sense of disconnection. With so many businesses and schools closed, how can you relate to your fellow people?

If you are attending college during this time, you know this feeling all too well. When you were anticipating college, this isn’t quite what you had in mind.

What are some ways you can rise above this and show your school spirit? Many of your friends and colleagues are feeling the same thing. It’s time to get creative and to raise everyone’s vibe!

Read our top ways to show school pride below!

1. Virtual Events

The pandemic has altered the way students interact on campus and with their classmates. Taking things virtually helps us remain socially distanced and protecting one another. One way to show your school spirit is to participate in virtual events.

In and around campus, after class, find a patch of grass and set up shop with a picnic blanket, laptops, and friends. Enjoy numerous online presentations and follow them with a discussion. Do you have any school stickers on your laptop?

2. Campus Clean-Up

What is the terrain like on your campus? Does it stay tidy, or is there something left to be desired? Schools and Universities get a ton of foot traffic that sometimes leads to trash and debris.

A great way to show school spirit is to take it upon yourself to clean up the campus. Grab some friends, mask up, and wear your school clothes. Not only will you feel good doing so, but you’ll also be helping so many people in the process.

The positive energy you and your buddies spread will be infectious. People will pick up on your good deeds and want to participate as well! Before you know it you will be leading a clean-up committee!

3. Create a Mural or Sign

If you’re searching for more college spirit ideas, why not create a mural or sign? Get a few of your friends together and draw or paint on a large canvas or mural. When you’re done, you’ll want to hang it from your dorm or apartment window.

Here is a USC poster you can get some inspiration from!

People walking around campus will love the school spirit. These days people need messages of hope and signs of life than ever. Brighten people’s days as they look up and see your wonderful work of art.

It doesn’t take much and you get to express your creativity as a result.

4. Pep Rally

One of those most impactful ways to show school spirit is to host or attend a pep rally. A virtual pep rally is a fresh new approach to this tried and true event. Start of the fun with a bang, have a theme for each day in anticipation of the big event.

To do this virtually, use an app like Zoom and choose a time and date. Choose an MC such as a cheerleader, coach, or teacher. Have a time of scheduled events to keep the spirit high!

5. Talent Show

This one you can take advantage of Zoom again. A talent show is a sure-fire way to raise school spirit.

Invite your college friends, school, and staff to attend. What a great to have fun, share some laughs, and learn more about everyone. People will love the sense of connection and warmth terminating from their screens.

Show Your School Spirit

We hope you have some ideas bouncing around now! You must be wanting to take some action now and show your school spirit!

We are sure you can take our list and expound on it. Have a brainstorming session with your college buddies and see what you can come up with!

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