3 Essential Tips for Keeping Employees Happy

It is hard to overstate just how much the pandemic has changed our work landscape. Along with the acceptance that companies learned they could trust their employees to work from home (shock!), another side effect has been the so-called “Great Resignation“.

With people leaving in their droves, the importance of keeping employees happy has become a priority. So what steps can you take to make sure your business is one that people flock to and not away from?

Read on to find out.

Open Lines of Communication 

We are social creatures by nature. That fact means any company not leaning into our need for warm, open communication will quickly fail in any attempts in keeping employees happy.

But how is this achieved practically?

One that results in happy employees is making it a priority to be transparent with changes. No one likes to be the last one invited to the party, however it is all too common for those in management positions to leave employees feeling this way when the reality is that they are usually the ones who are the most affected.

Communication also works both ways, so rather than saying “my door is always open” give tangible evidence of a desire to gain valuable feedback from your staff. 360 appraisals, one-to-one meetings, and office surveys can all be valuable assets for companies who want to work with their staff to grow.

Get the Atmosphere Right

When it comes to the atmosphere in your office, you are a product of your environment. In fact, studies have shown that just the design of your office affects our mental health. This makes sense given the number of hours many of us spend at work.

Some of the basics that will ensure that you are keeping employees happy are putting a high value on keeping a clean work environment. Another top tip is to include plants in your office design. Not only are they proven to improve our mood, but also our physical health. This is because photosynthesis releases negative air ions. These little particles do wonders to promote antimicrobial activity as well as help fight off depression.

Talking of employee health, it would also be worth considering commercial air duct cleaning. Given the health benefits that come with it, any employer making this effort will demonstrate going above and beyond for their employees.

Encourage a Work/Life Balance

For those at the top, work can be all-consuming. Hours can be dedicated to the cause, leading to an uneven work-life balance.

But why talk about this when looking for the answer for keeping employees happy?

Because putting these demands on yourself can seep down to create an environment where life outside work is not valued as highly. This results in employees being reluctant to take time off that they are entitled to, and when time is approved for attending to personal matters, management can make it feel like a favor.

Do your best to counter this by keeping employees happy with clear initiatives. Flexitime, working remotely and a healthy attitude towards the value of disconnecting are great ways of promoting employee wellness.

Guarantee Success by Keeping Employees Happy

Regardless of your industry, it is always important to remember that the lifeblood of any success achieved comes down to your staff. For this reason, any company that places a high value on keeping employees happy can be confident that they will see great results.

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the most important employee welfare tips! For more great business insights check out the rest of our site.