How to Brand a Beauty Business

Group of young modern people in smart casual wear discussing business while working in the creative office

Branding is extremely important for any kind of business. It has been said that a person needs to see your branding seven times before they form a connection with it in their minds. If you are starting a beauty business like a salon or mobile beauty company, then how you brand yourself and how you put your brand out there will be important.

Choosing Your Style

Many beauty brands target women, but this is something you need to think about as a beauty brand owner. There are some services that beauty companies offer such as laser hair removal that appeal to men as well. If you want to focus on feminine services like manicures and anti-aging treatments or acrylic nails and eyebrow waxing, then choosing a very feminine brand can actually be helpful. Some women and girls prefer to go to a salon where they know men won’t be present. But if men are part of your target audience then choosing more gender-neutral advertising and branding might help your business. Check out this skin health clinic holywood to see a good example of a salon that aims to appeal to both male and female customers with their hair removal treatments.

Branding is More Than a Logo

A lot of new business ventures think that the issue of branding is just down to designing a logo. This is not actually the case. Branding for a business is much more than logo design. Your brand includes the uniforms your staff wear, how you answer the phone when a potential customer calls, and how you present yourself on social media. These are all decisions you should make early in starting your business and should not come as an afterthought once you have decided on a logo and colour scheme.

Branding Your Place of Business 

Some people operate beauty businesses as a mobile enterprise and go to their customers. Others run physical salons. If you have the skills to provide beauty-related services you will need to choose whether you want your small business to be mobile or have a physical base. Both options have their pros and cons. However, you will need to apply your company branding to your vehicle or to your physical salon, so it is well worth designing this or having a professional designer design it for you and using this branding on your car or salon. Branding is what ensures your customers remember you and come back again. It is always easier to sell more services to existing customers than to win new ones, so make sure your branding is strong.

Starting any new business is hard, and you will most likely be more concerned with the services you want to provide than with business-related things like branding. However, good branding can make or break even a small, local business, so it is definitely something to put your time and thought into. You will hopefully find a brand you love that really represents what your new beauty company stands for.