Monday, September 25, 2023

How to Wear a Lanyard: Top Tips for Wearing One with Style

Did you know that promotional or fully customized lanyards can be worn in different styles apart from the conventional method of wearing them to your neck? Oh well, who would have told you if not for those who use it regularly or those who do lanyard designs and printing. In a lame man language, these sets of persons are tagged the horse mouth. So, yes, we are also the horses’ mouth, and we’ll show you through this post that lanyards are versatile. Just because you must wear corporate lanyards in Australia doesn’t mean you should alter your look. Besides, there are several ways you can wear them creatively without altering your overall outfit.

Hang in your rear pocket

Hanging a lanyard in your rear pocket seems like a common method of wearing it, and it might be interestingly convenient especially when you are walking the road or street. But remember that if it’s hung in your pocket, you need to be careful so strangers don’t take it off without your notice.

Wear around your neck

People have this psychological thought that a lanyard is supposed to be placed on the neck region and not anywhere else. So, it seems mundane like something everyone knows already. Wearing a lanyard around your neck is a subtle approach to showcasing what the custom lanyard displays and your personality. This style of wearing lanyards is peculiar amongst students, etc.

Wear around your belt loop

This does not necessarily mean that you should turn your custom lanyard into a belt. If you do, it means you have successfully ruined this particular style. What this style portrays is wearing your lanyard around your belt look even better when you have your belt on – it’s the fashion therein.

Hang it in your bag

Whether it’s a back bag or handbag, it is suitable to hang your custom lanyard as a style. All you need to do is loop it through the handle of your bag, and in some cases, you might choose to leave your lanyard hanging around the bag for quite some time.

Hang around your hand

This style is easy to accomplish but it would make your hand busy, although it allows you to reach out easily to whatever item that’s attached to the lanyard. Items usually attached to custom lanyards are automated and manual keys, ID cards, portable signage, etc. With this approach, your lanyard will be turned into a complete fashion accessory set to augment your dressing.

Wear like a bracelet

This fashion approach may not suit every style; however, it would make you feel uncomfortable. The truth is what’s bad for one may be good to the other. So, wearing your lanyard as a bracelet is one fashion approach you should try out as well. Wrap the lanyard around your ankle, so this approach is great when you are visiting a heavily crowded place. The reason is that most people lose their lanyards in crowded areas. With this approach, you’ve got a way to secure your lanyard.


After all these options, would you try anyone? Of course, you should. Don’t get too comfortable doing the conventional thing, hence this post is geared towards informing you that there are several ways to wear a lanyard on top of your luxury dress. However, we’ll drop a piece of friendly advice, which is; before you set out to the public with any of these styles of wearing lanyards, you have to check in the mirror first. Don’t forget, you can try all and keep one.