Checklist for custom food packaging 

Food items can be quite hard to pack and carry; you need to make sure that you’re receiving quality items from trusted food brands. The packaging requirements can be complex and also must follow the food authority regulations. 

Every item purchased or shipped should be checked; there are some checklists associated with every product, especially food items.

Different types of food packages

Every brand wants to come with eye-catchy design layout and customer-centric approach to ensure the success of their brand. The food packers should understand and obey the rules imposed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The firm should value the requirements in terms of resistance to mildew, detailed finishes, substrate strength, cellophane windows, resistance to extreme temperatures and grease, adhesives, and protective coatings to keep the food packaging safe. The range of food products come in different packaging, such as pie box, cake box, donut box, pasta boxes, frozen pizza boxes, ready-to-eat containers, boxes for cereals, snacks, crackers, and packing for ice cream, dairy products, etc. 

Nutritional facts check 

Everybody wants to consume foods that are nutritional and the package should consist of the brand name, ingredients used, and other nutritional facts listed. Also, some brands mention nutritional claims, such as rich in vitamin c or high in fiber, etc. Make sure to check these claims before opening the packages. If you have ordered an organic product, ensure to check the certification or fair trade in the packaging. 


Not all material is eco-friendly safe; in terms of food packaging, always choose environmental friendly boxes in comparison to other options such as plastic, aluminium sheet, Styrofoam, etc.

The retail packaging is a direct contact that your consumer will have with your product; adapt to the market trend, look for innovative packaging solutions.  When choosing the food boxes for your business, below are points to be noted:

  • Easy to recognize the product information in the packaging 
  • Easy to ship around 
  • Easy to be displayed on store shelf
  • Can be customized to increase sales

Customizable options

The boxes can customizable as per coating, materials, size, color, printing design, and processes. Custom packaging comes with beautiful images, highlighting the characteristic of the food. The boxes should also contain necessary information, like trademarks, name, date of manufacture, specification, quantity, price, and composition, etc. 

The custom food packaging is usually done by highly trained specialists, offering their customers the eco-friendly packaging options.