Keys To Solve A Keyword Cannibalization


Once we know what cannibalization of keywords is about, how it affects the positioning of our website, and how to detect it, we only have one last step left: to solve it.

The solution will be to show Google a single URL as relevant to the target search query. For this, there are several techniques that we can apply:

Redirects 301:

If cannibalization is occurring between two contents that are very similar and speak on the same subject, the most optimal solution would be to merge these two pages to create a single page. We are going to put an example:

We have two blog articles, one that talks about “the benefits of quinoa” (Article 1) and another about “benefits of quinoa in athletes” (Article 2). These two articles are surely cannibalizing for the keyword “benefits of quinoa.”

In this case, we should analyze which of the two articles has the most SEO strength (traffic, links, etc.). The strongest is the one we will choose as relevant for this search query; in this example, we will choose Article 1. The next step will be to transfer the content of Article 2 to Article 1 and also perform a 301 redirection towards the one we have chosen as the main one ( Article 1) to transfer all the SEO force that Article 2 had previously obtained (links, social signals, user-response, etc.).


If cannibalization is occurring between a main category “Bicycles”” and the subcategory “”Mountain bicycles””, as we have commented previously, a good practice would be to add more longtail keywords derived in the subcategory of “”Mountain bicycles”” and also put a link with the exact anchor “”bicycles”” to the main category of “”Bicycles””, so that Google when tracking this subcategory and following that link understand that it is the main category that should be positioned for the keyword “bicycles””.


Finally, you can also de-index all the content that is being shown as an answer to that search query, and that does not add value to the user. With this measure, you should take special care, because you only have to de-index those pages that are not appropriate or useful.

Stick to correct cannibalizations

As you can see, there are different ways to detect if we are cannibalizing keywords on our website and different ways to solve it.

Even so, there are many more specific cases in which a more thorough study of the problem should be made, understand the particularities of the problem and offer a much more personalized solution and as we have commented in this article, so if this is your case, do not hesitate to get our cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] we will be happy to help you.