Top Construction Problems and Solutions the Industry Faces


In 2021, the problems and challenges we face keep getting piled on. From coronavirus to a shifting world order, what will your new normal look like in the years to come?

No one can say for certain, but we’ll continue to face each challenge as it comes. Some challenges, like those faced by the construction industry, need attention soon. Otherwise, we could start to face even bigger issues.

Finding construction solutions relies on our ability to identify problems first, though. Read on to learn about the top four problems the construction industry faces in 2021.

1. Labor Shortage

The coronavirus pandemic hit everyone hard, especially working mothers. As a result of sweeping changes, women’s labor force participation rate was at a 33-year low in 2021. That’s not all, though.

The male labor force participation rate was declining even before the pandemic, too.

The shrinking of the labor force is part of the construction industry’s issue. Even worse, working men and women don’t want construction jobs. These positions are often viewed as hard, manual labor that takes tremendous effort.

As a result, the younger generations are leaning into other fields.

Demand remains steady, so the solution to this construction problem is unclear.

2. Safety and Health Concerns

Safety and health have always been a top priority in the construction field. Despite that, many construction jobs contain hidden (and obvious) dangers. For that reason, injuries happen quite often in the construction field.

Almost all these injuries are preventable, though. Through training and the use of PPE, construction jobs can be safe. The solution to this problem, then, is more training, education, and gear.

3. Cost of Materials

As the cost of materials rises, so does the cost of construction work. Right now, soaring materials costs are creating a problem in the industry.

The good news is that costs should stabilize after the pandemic.

4. Adopting Technology

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past few decades. Taking a look at the construction industry wouldn’t reflect that fact, though.

The construction industry is notoriously slow about adopting technology. Breaking through this barrier could help solve other construction problems.

For example, better tech could offset the labor shortage. Improved safety gear could protect more workers. Online markets could help experienced contractors meet customers where they are.

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Construction Solutions For 2021 and Beyond

Construction solutions in 2021 and beyond need to be innovative. Not only do we need to overcome a labor shortage, but we need to keep up with growing demand, too. One way to make a change is to start adopting tech that already exists.

Better technology could offset so many construction problems we face today. Once the pandemic subsides, material costs should come down, too.

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