6 Best Paint Colors to Lift Your Office Mood and Productivity

Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Now, let’s look at this through the lens of a modern office setting. 

Picking the paint color of an office may seem like an arbitrary task. But colors can actually affect the mood, productivity, and happiness of your employees. So choose your office color wisely because the one you pick may change your office atmosphere. 

Keep reading to learn the 6 best office paint colors according to psychology.  

1. Blue 

Blue (or light blue) has been known to stimulate the mind. It also inspires productivity, calmness, and stability. Not to mention, it’s a favorite for many offices because it’s non-threatening while still being bold. 

Blue is especially great for doctor’s offices or hospitals where patrons may feel apprehensive. 

2. Green 

Green symbolizes safety, nature, and balance. If you choose green, you should go with a pale green or natural green. Shades of green like lime won’t have the same tranquil effect.  

And pro tip: If you have a big office and not a lot of time, hire commercial painters to do the work for you.

3. Off-White 

Classic white isn’t the best color to paint your office, as it feels clinical and stark. But cream or off-white will do the trick. This color is associated with cleanliness, peacefulness, and openness. 

And if you want to put artwork on the walls, off-white is a good canvas for it.  

4. Mimosa Yellow 

Mimosa yellow refers to the color of the mimosa flower rather than that classic brunch drink. Mimosa yellow sparks creativity, happiness, and optimism. 

This color is great for your office if you work in a creative field. Or if you work in a traditional office but the atmosphere has felt down, give this lively yellow shade a try. 

5. Red

In daily life, red is associated with warnings like fire trucks or stop signs. For this reason, it can cause anxiety if overused. However, it can be very effective when used on an accent wall. 

For an office setting, red feels engaging, energizing, and powerful. This is a great color for offices that deal with emergency calls or influential clients. 

6. Orange 

The color orange is a combination of yellow and red and has similar characteristics to both. Orange evokes a sense of fun, enthusiasm, and warmth. It’s the perfect color for a modern office setting that has a sense of community.  

And pro tip: Only paint certain walls or areas orange. An all-orange office will feel overwhelming. 

Now You Know the 6 Best Office Paint Colors 

All the best office paint colors are great in their own way.

So whether you choose calming blue or enthusiastic orange, make sure it fits with your office setting. Now pick your color, grab a brush and get to work! Or call a commercial painter to do it for you. 

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