Tips & Tricks for Selling Life Insurance

Around 60 percent of Americans have life insurance. When you’re a life insurance agent, selling life insurance, it’s up to you to try and demonstrate the importance of life insurance to the other 40 percent.

Yet life insurance sales can be hard. Marketing life insurance means, to some extent, making people aware of their mortality. That’s rough.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some tips that can help make your job easier. Are you ready to learn more? Read on!

  • Dress Professionally When Selling Life Insurance

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you’re selling life insurance, you want to look professional, because if you don’t, your clients probably won’t take you seriously.

Dress in a suit with either trousers or a professional skirt and be polite. Give the client a firm handshake (when we’re not in a pandemic situation), and be the best salesperson you can be.

If you’re talking to clients via video call, you still need to dress professionally and ensure that you have a professional background: a cluttered bedroom doesn’t fill anyone with confidence.

  • Build Up a Rapport With Clients

Life insurance sales aren’t likely to be quick affairs. You’ll probably need to chat to the client a lot during the process, so why not build a rapport and put them at their ease?

It can help to find some common ground between the two of you. Maybe you’re both from the same area, like the same sports team, maybe you both love dogs. It doesn’t matter too much what the common ground is, as long as it’s there.

  • Learn From Your Colleagues

Do you have experienced colleagues that have been in sales since before you were born (literally or metaphorically)? Then they probably know how to sell life insurance effectively.

Ask them for advice and see if you could shadow them. Take what they have to say and apply it to your own sales!

  • Identify Their Wants and Cater to Them

You might know the features of your company’s policies like the back of your hand. If the customer isn’t interested in 80 percent of them, that’s 80 percent time wasted on a pitch.

Ask the client what they’re hoping to get out of a life insurance policy and then talk about the features that can help them with that. Don’t waste your time or theirs talking about stuff they have no interest in.

  • Don’t Use Slang or Jargon

The customer wants to feel on an even footing with you. Don’t try to pull the wool over their eyes with jargon or industry slang. Keep your language universal so that they can follow along and contribute to the conversation.

Selling Life Insurance Made Easier

Selling life insurance can be tricky but if you follow the tips that we’ve outlined, you’ll find it a whole lot easier. This means more money for you and more satisfied customers.

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