Monday, September 25, 2023

You’ve Got Google: Should You Use Google Products to Manage and Work With Your Remote Team?

The COVID-19 epidemic transformed the working world from office-based to home-based overnight. The concept of a remote team or a hybrid-remote team is becoming standard practice. Businesses had to discover the tools to manage a remote team and one of the most popular is Google Workplace.

Remote team management is complex as you try to maintain authority and keep the workflow in a proper place. Google Workplace has many advantages over other platforms for managing remote staff. We’ll examine some of these and why it makes the best choice for going remote.

Don’t let productivity falter because of poor remote management.

Google Meet Lets You See Your Remote Team

While there are plenty of video conferencing software out there, Google Meet is the only one that lets you have a meeting and access to all the other aspects of Google Workplace. You can schedule a meeting through Gmail, add it to your Google calendar and give you a notification when the meeting is close.

You also do presentations via Google Meet using other Workplace tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides. Why not record the meeting and go over it later to see what you can do better or remember answers to questions?

Google Meet is one of the most versatile video conferencing systems available.

Edit or Share Documents from Anywhere

Remote teams can be anywhere in the world. If you’re working together on a report or presentation, everyone needs to have access to the latest drafts, so they can make suggestions.

Google Docs lets you save documents and then anyone with permissions has access to it. You can limit it to reading or allow for changes. Share documents with specific people or groups. This eliminates people not having the latest drafts or not receiving crucial information.

You can create a Google Group that makes it simple to email items and provide the latest information.

Develop Strong Working Relationships

One of the hardest parts of remote work is the lack of connection that comes with an office environment. People see each other every day and interact, talking about work and their lives. Many times, office friendships last year after people leave the office.

Google Workplace lets you create this environment virtually by creating numerous tools that bring workers together. They may not physically be there, but Google Meets, Google Chat, and other tools make it feel like a normal office environment.

Interested in how this all works? View this Google Workspace tutorial and learn everything the platform has and how it improves your teamwork and workflow.

Google Workplace Is for You

When a remote team isn’t functioning properly, then productivity goes down, morale goes down and eventually profits go down. Take control of this by using Google Workplace and other Google tools to maximize the connectivity and efficiency of your remote workforce.

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