Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How to Choose the Right Co-working Space in Cyprus?

Co-working spaces are fast increasing in demand. This is simply a type of office space that enables you to work alongside other enterprises in a communal setting. The arrangement in this type of space is quite easy, as it requires either the hiring of multiple movable desks for your employees, or the renting of fixed workstations.

While some researchers believe that co-working spaces offer a negative effect on the productivity of workers, others argue that it is the exact opposite. A recent survey showed that 74% of employees agreed to have felt more productive when they began working in co-working spaces.

Choosing the right space can be quite difficult, especially for start-ups. The question of uniqueness, affordability, convenience and security are to be considered. There are a number of companies such that specialize in offering the best office spaces for your company. See here for more details. 

Tips to Choosing the Best Co-working Spaces 

Below are some of the most important factors to evaluate when selecting a co-working office space. These tips have been selected to enable you to narrow down your choices.


This is one of the first things to consider when selecting a co-working space. Ensure that the location is convenient for all staff members. Evaluate the time it would take for employees, clients and partners to commute to and fro daily. Look out for spaces located in central areas, this will help increase your exposure. 


Consider making a list with your staff on amenities you require, and prioritize those that are essential, using a scale of preference. Good co-working spaces already have facilities and equipment for office work, these include basic internet service, a toilet, a phone booth, amongst others.


Cost of space is an extremely significant factor. Look out for spaces that are within your budget. Going overboard is not such a good idea, as this will affect other areas of your business. In your quest to select the perfect space, compare and contrast between offers. This will help you choose the company that offers unique spaces but at affordable rates.


The security of your company and staff should be prioritized when picking a co-working space. Evaluate the measures put in place by the company to ensure your security. If your organization operates on a 24-hour shift, there should be provisions of safety for you. You might want to check if the CCTV cameras are functional, the guards available and the strength of locks. 


Location should not be confused with the environment. Productivity of staff is directly related to the environment of your coworking office space. Here, you look out for noise, lightening and temperature, as these have proven to affect staff productivity. Avoid spaces that offer unnecessary distractions to your staff, or spaces which are too hot or too cold.


Unlike traditional private offices, modern spaces like coworking spaces are great for small scale businesses and start-ups. One benefit is that it allows you to select a convenient central work environment, with an affordable budget, for staff members. Another advantage is in its provision of networking opportunities amongst various businesses. The tips above will guide you in making the right choice.