Your Guide To Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

As you grow older, all you would want to do is forget about everything that bothered you up until now and travel to different places with a cavalier attitude. You must’ve worked hard all these years to be able to travel and engage in your favorite activities after retirement. Most people even plan for their post-retirement trips right down to the ‘T’.

Meanwhile, unexpected eventualities can occur anytime and spoil your vacation. These could be medical emergencies, loss of passport, luggage, etc. People in their old age mostly don’t have the energy to run around looking for lost bags or passports. What do they do in a situation such as this? First and foremost, before you hop onto your flight, make sure you invest in a good travel insurance plan so that you don’t have to deal with any of this.

Senior citizens need to be more careful as medical emergencies can happen at anytime. Therefore, insurers provide senior citizen travel insurance that is tailor-made for the policyholders. Opt for a good comprehensive plan that provides coverage for trip cancellations during emergency, loss of luggage or passport, hijack, etc.

You would have to contact your preferred insurance provider and inform them of your requirements and the extent of coverage you require. All of this can be done online or calling on the insurer’s helpline. You can travel in peace after you have purchased the ideal travel insurance plan.

Inclusions of a travel insurance policy for senior citizens

The primary aim of a travel insurance plan is to safeguard you from any difficulties you might face while travelling. Here are some services insurers offer under a senior citizen travel insurance policy:

  1. Coverage in case of permanent or temporary disability or death
  2. Hijack Distress Allowance, i.e. compensation paid in case of hijack
  3. Loss of passport
  4. Repatriation in case of any riots or terrorist attacks
  5. Loss of baggage
  6. Hospital bills
  7. Any damage or injury caused to a third-party’s property or person
  8. Expenses incurred as a result of flight delays or ticket cancellation
  9. Emergency cash


  1. Damage caused due to alcohol/drug abuse
  2. Pre-existing conditions
  3. Cases of anxiety, depression, etc.
  4. Illegal activities
  5. Not following your doctor’s advice and travelling
  6. Injuries caused as a result of self-harm

Advantages of purchasing travel insurance for senior citizens online

  1. Less documentation required
  2. 24×7 customer support
  3. Network hospitals
  4. Easy to purchase
  5. No medical tests needed

Purchasing a travel insurance policy online is simple and convenient. Furthermore, the internet has made it easy to search and compare multiple travel insurance companies online and opt for one that best suits your needs. You can also adjust your coverage according to your budget. It is possible to select the plan based on the category you fit in or on the distance you are travelling. For example, if you’re travelling within India, opt for a domestic travel insurance plan.

It is only wise to get your trip insured. If you travel with an appropriate senior citizen travel insurance  policy, your family back home can also relax while you have the time of your life.

Explore policy wordings of your purchased plan and explore more general insurance products such as health insurance, motor insurance to receive a 360 degree coverage.