Why Glass Bottles are the Best Packaging for Kombucha

Several models of glass bottles which are suitable and apt for fermentation are being developed in the health drinks market that has been growing. As per the reports from Beverages Trends 2022, the reality is that fermented beverages are the new refreshing drinks with a plethora of health benefits. Kombucha is one such drink that contains probiotic bacteria including healthy yeast. It is also well-known for its valuable enzymes i.e., SCOBY which enhances digestion. You can also get this drink in a 16oz Boston Round Glass Bottles.

Selecting a Glass Bottle for Fermentation – 

Fermented beverages are well known because they are based on the traditional ancient recipes and they are rich in nutrients. One of the things that you will know about kombucha or kefir is that they are typically packed in a glass bottle. So, you will get Kombucha Glass Bottle drink that is safe and also preserves its good bacteria and enzymes. Several benefits are there of the glass bottles for fermented drinks. Another thing, you will notice is that the Juice Glass Bottless and Coffee Bottles are being packed in a glass bottle by the manufacturer because of the following advantages – 

Advantages of Glass Bottles – 

The first reason is preservation. The glass is airtight with the seal and allows no oxygen to enter inside and alter the taste of the flavors of the same. Next, is sustainability, the glass bottles are recyclable and washable, and reusable. Also, some of the glass bottles are lightweight too. You get quality glass bottles from the Glass Bottles Wholesale. Another thing, you will notice is that the glass is healthy and doesn’t contain any plastic micro-particles. Such clean and healthy glasses are given by Glass Bottle Supplier. There is also the option of customization, the glass bottles can be customized by creating a personalized print on the glass of the shape of your choice. 

Another thing, you will know is that Glass Bottle Manufacturer can now invest in their brand and enhance the sales with innovative, personalized, and branded packaging. As per the latest study conducted by the Neuroscience Institute Mind Insights, ‘glass bottles that are personalised creates a particularly good impression on the awareness of the product authenticity.’ After seeing the personalized glass bottle the awareness about the authenticity of the bottle increases by 10% in the consumers. If compared with the label, it is the design that creates the perception of authenticity in the mind of the consumers. So, they are more inclined to purchase a glass bottle. So, the glass packaging should be done by the supplier on a personalized designed glass bottle. 

The Nycha Kombucha glass bottle – 

Nycha Kombucha offers a perfect drink for people all around the globe. A great emphasis is placed on quality. The juice is completely vegan and also it is well fermented. The kombucha drink is packaged in a glass bottle for a healthy and environment-friendly approach. When you will taste the Nycha Kombucha you will get a fresh taste balance between sweetness and harshness. You can also find it in different flavors. This taste has been well preserved because of the glass bottles that are used by the company/brand. It is air-tight and there is no chance for oxygen to pass and alter the taste of the fermented drink.