Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Top 10 Best Keywords to Boost Your Business

Top 10 Best Keywords to Boost Your Business

On average, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day.

Have you done your research in knowing what people are searching for most often in the past week or month?

If not, this is your sign to start researching, as SEO ranking will help bolster your brand’s exposure. Building content with the best keywords means you connect more rapidly with potential customers. They get an answer to their question, and you get another person into the sales funnel.

SEO can be overwhelming, but we are here to provide the top keywords to begin with below. 

Best Keywords Word-for-Word

Webpage content that prioritizes the best keywords tend to bring more traffic to your brand’s site. People search for millions of things per day, but a few SEO keywords consistently rank at the top.

Here are the terms to keep in mind for your online reputation management:

1. “How to”

How to searches continue to be popular as web users want to know how to DIY their lives. Every day, people seek info on how to bake bread, paint a house, have a hard conversation, and so much more.

No matter what your brand sells, you have the opportunity to create how-to content that makes sense for the products and customers.

2. “Why…”

Why tends to be the most ambiguous search term. But the sheer size of people searching for why something happens is easy to capitalize on with your website.

3. “Where to buy”

We bet you’ve recently searched for something like where to buy tie-dye paint or gluten-free pastries. Web searches are the immediate answer for a customer looking for any product under the sun.

4. “Near me” 

Chances are, someone right now is looking for a salon, home professional, or pottery store near them. That makes “near me” such a popular search term as people want instant fulfillment of their needs. Make sure your brand pops up in a relevant near me category.

5. “Where is…”

Similar to “where to buy,” this is one of the best keywords to capture attention from thousands wondering where is Omaha or where is Oprah from. Have fun with content, answering relevant questions with the keyword in mind.

6. “… during coronavirus” 

Of course, anything searched in the past year has found “during coronavirus,” a popular sport in the best keywords. Your brand can get involved in these critical conversations by creating thoughtful content with this keyword.

Best Keywords for Trending News

Building content with SEO marketing in mind means staying updated with the hottest news and gossip. Trending people, alerts, or stories make the perfect setup for your brand to capitalize on a highly rated search term at the moment.

Here are a few to think on: 

7. Health and Wellness 

Related to the keyword above, keywords with a health and wellness focus tend to rank highly in the search box. Find a fit with your products or share team member views on wellness topics of the day.

8. Trending People

Big brother is always watching, and so is the rest of the world. When it comes to pop culture, people like searching for other people on the internet. The next time something big happens with a star, get involved in the conversation in your content. 

9. Recipes 

So many months at home means opportunities to take on the kitchen. Your brand shouldn’t shy away from the recipes as some of the best keywords. Share a founder’s go-to breakfast recipe or a team dinner idea. 

10. Movie or Music Releases 

Anytime a movie or album releases, there’s a great chance it will rank in search terms. Use the release as a chance to whip up some engaging webpage content with the movie or music title as a keyword.

Boost Your Brand with Engaging Content 

The opportunities are endless when it comes to building your brand through the best keywords for SEO. Use the above as a guide for your web pages, and get into the habit of checking weekly search rankings to add to the mix.

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