Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Still Need Ideas for Your New Year Resolutions? Read Here!

Following the holidays, you hear others planning their resolutions for the new year. Hoping to make life changes that improve their lifestyle and their future.

Yet, many people January 1 comes and they aren’t quite out of the holiday swing of things. They might not be ready quite yet to commit to those New Year resolutions. For some, that means they give up and continue without making positive changes.

That doesn’t need to be you though. You can make New Year resolutions and start them in February or March, or even May. Read on for some ideas for new year changes.

Get Your Financial House in Order

You often hear about people touting their new year organization plans. They want to clean closets and get their homes in order. How about taking the valuable time and get your financial house in order.

The end of January each year kicks off tax season. There is no better time than to sit down and look at your finances. Do you have a budget and do you stick to it? Do you need to make some changes in your withholding for tax season? Have you checked on your investments? Maybe you haven’t started saving yet and need to.

The new year is a great time to get a financial plan in place for yourself. Read more now on how you can get your financial house in order.

Have New Experiences

Have you always wanted to learn to make bread? Maybe you want to learn to knit or play golf. Maybe you have been begging your partner to take those salsa dance classes.

The new year is a great time to commit to having new experiences. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming or mean your calendar is filled with things that make you uncomfortable.

Decide you will commit one evening or one Saturday a month to having a new experience. This can mean visiting someplace new or it can mean pursuing a new hobby or interest.

You just might find your next great passion along the way.

Document Your Year

A fun way to keep track of your resolutions and goals is to document them. That documentation can become a part of your new year resolutions.

Maybe you want to curtail your spending so you find an app or a notebook and keep track of every that comes and goes out of your life. You’ll be surprised how quickly you recognize where you waste money.

Perhaps you want to slim down or eat better. You can document your food choices and see where you get into trouble. Maybe your goal is to do something as simple as drinking more water. Keep track of the ounces of water you drink each day by writing it down.

Start Your New Year Resolutions Now

New Year resolutions don’t have to start on January 1st. They can start when you are ready to commit to them. Find something that important or meaningful to you, decide on a day, and make the resolution a reality.

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