What Is A Festo Vacuum Generator?


Vacuum generators used to supply the vacuum level that is needed for managing the task. The vacuums  are created in two different types: they are pneumatically as well as electrically. Festo vacuum generators used to implement the short cycle period and also that can be unified immediately into one of the systems because it is designed lightweight and it is compact.

It is the devices which used to compress the air that generate the vacuum and that becomes one of the simple targets within the compressed air usage studies. You need to know that there will be several factors to consider this device before you use it for any purpose. Nowadays, this vacuum generator is used for various industries which is helpful for many purposes.

 Applications will be more different that comes in various ways such as size, shapes, that will be easy to install anywhere for several applications. Before installing and using these devices, you need to come with two conformations of the general issues that should be considered: efficiency as well as appropriateness.

Festo Vacuum Generator Operating principle:

  • The functioning of these Festo vacuum generators are based on principle of Venturi
  • The compressed air are discovered with these ejector (A)
  • Because of the reduction in cross-section of these motive nozzles, these compressed air will be accelerated. If dynamic pressure is enhanced, these static pressure air may be simultaneous decreases.
  • When the vacuum generator moves towards the motive nozzle, certain accelerated air will be expanded, and the vacuum will be generated
  • With the help of these devices, the air can be pulled with the help of vacuum contact (D) under the ejector
  • The compressed air may be left out by the ejector from the silencer (C) that both once with certain “sucked-in” air.

Electromechanical vacuum generators are usually utilized for electric motor for the purpose of a power source. With many variations, rotary-vane designs are commonly utilised in various industrial devices vacuum applications. The high-velocity revolution of this rotor as well as vanes traps oxygen entering the input port also it sweeps it by the pump, producing a biased vacuum behind that.

Most of the vanes are prepared with carbon, and it operates inside a housing which requires critical tolerances for perfect performance. Those systems are generally used and that perfectly suited for various applications, but when you look for the highest efficiency as well as uptime, rotary-vane systems are usually not the perfect choice.


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Compressed-air-vacuum generators, alternatively, use to operate the Bernoulli Principle. They have a consistent relationship among pressure as well as velocity, including a high-velocity producing low pressure.

 The Air-driven generators force the compressed air by an orifice and nozzle, improving velocity or lowering the air pressure. The Higher-pressure air which is outside the application can flow in by the channels that are inside the generator, working to produce equilibrium. The outside air combines with the high-speed atmosphere used to produce low pressure, also the combination outlets by the exhaust.

By this process, the level of vacuum will depend on this nozzle. Under the narrowest portion of this nozzle, the air which is streamed will reach its highest speed and produces the widest vacuum and power at the device openings. The compressed-air-driven generators can hold one or more significant stages.

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