The Importance of Choosing a Board-Certified Surgeon for Your Procedure

When choosing a surgeon, finding one that is board certified is essential. This credential demonstrates that the doctor has completed years of residency training and passed rigorous exams to earn specialty certification. While it is necessary to consider the doctor’s rating, it should not be the only deciding factor. It’s also essential to take into account word-of-mouth recommendations and patient testimonials.


Most doctors advertise themselves as board-certified, implying they are fully trained and competent in their specialty. However, “board certified” means different things to different people. To become board-certified in a surgical specialty, physicians must complete years of residency training and pass rigorous oral and written examinations. Physicians who successfully pass the certification exam are awarded the title of a “Diplomate.” Board-certified surgeons, for example, Armen Parajian, are considered experts in their fields and have undergone a thorough independent evaluation of their medical skills, knowledge, and experience. Surgeons can be found in various locations, including hospitals, surgery centers, and private clinics. Regardless of the location, it would be best to continually ask to see the surgeon’s credentials before making any decisions. You should also inquire about the surgical facility’s accreditation, especially if you are having an operation in the hospital. You want to ensure the operating room has crucial life support systems in case something goes wrong during surgery.


Many patients may not realize that not all cosmetic surgery physicians are board certified. For example, a physician who is board certified in internal medicine has different credentials for performing knee surgery, which would require additional training and certification. To become board-certified, surgeons must undergo years of residency training in their specific area of expertise, have a high level of practice experience, and pass a rigorous exam. Additionally, they must maintain their credentials by continuing to train and learn. Before selecting a surgeon, check their qualifications by visiting their website or calling their office.


Board certification is a mark of medical expertise and a commitment to excellence. It requires extensive training and passing rigorous written and oral exams. Physicians and surgeons become certified in the specialty in which they practice. Choosing a surgeon who is not certified to perform your procedure can increase the likelihood of complications and result in less-than-desirable results. It is not uncommon for patients who prefer an onboard-certified surgeon to spend thousands on additional procedures to fix the original work. It would be best if you never settled for anything less than the best in your procedure. Insist on a board-certified surgeon. 


A doctor’s board certification indicates they have met specific specialty education, training, and knowledge standards. However, it does not endorse their expertise or quality of care. It is also important to remember that physician board certification differs from medical licensing. The latter is a minimum requirement to practice medicine. It is easy to find out if your surgeon is board certified by simply asking them or searching for a surgeon’s name online with the “board certified” search box. Patients should always be able to make an informed decision regarding their healthcare, especially when considering surgery that will affect how they look forever.