Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Key Skills and Qualities of Successful Healthcare Staffing Professionals

Portrait Of Laughing Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

Let’s be honest. If you end up hospitalized, you want your care team to be good at what they do. That’s an obvious given. But it takes more than that to be an excellent medical employee. Patients come back to those they feel comfortable with, and healthcare staffing professionals must ensure they find the best healthcare workers for the job. We know what makes a good healthcare employee, but what makes a good healthcare staffing employee?

They Need to Be a Good Communicator

One of the first things listed in a LinkedIn article on the topic is communication. That’s a great point since most people would be more open to speaking to someone that is very personable. Most staffing agency staff will also have to take hundreds of calls a day. Therefore, a person who doesn’t tire from conversation would be perfect for this kind of work.

Organization is Key

Healthcare staffing professionals may also have to send numerous emails and text messages in addition to phone calls. Those connections and contact information will lead to files being made on the person. These files are created to showcase the potential candidate’s skills and find the best match for them.

A good healthcare staffing professional wouldn’t get a nurse’s file confused with a doctor’s. How do they do it? They stay organized and ensure all the correct information is there when needed.

Positive Attitude

There is a lot of rejection in the healthcare industry. No surprise there since they are dealing with people’s physical health and lives. Sometimes a candidate might not be the right fit, or someone else has better credentials. A healthcare recruiter needs to be able to bounce back when something doesn’t work out. 

Confidence Goes a Long Way

Believe it or not, recruiting is a competitive field. All of these staffing agencies are vying for attention, so the job-seekers will choose to go through them. You have to be able to convince them that YOUR staffing agency is the best option. How do you do that? By knowing exactly what your agency does and having the confidence to get it across in a simple manner.


Healthcare recruiting is a perfect fit for people who are great communicators and have friendly personalities. Someone who is always in a bad mood would not make a good healthcare recruiter. A positive outlook goes a long way in this field.