Registration for Company in India

To register an existing or new company in India, you need to record it in MCA; that is, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. In this digital world, one does not need to visit the corporate office to complete all the registration for the company, because it can be finished while sitting at home. Being an entrepreneur, you might need someone’s assistance who can help in deciding the structure and registration for your company.

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List of documents mandatory to submit for Company Registration Process

  • Original copy of formal letter allotted by ROC about the availability of Company Name
  • Director Identification Number of all directors of a projected company
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Form-1 for Incorporation of a Company
  • Form-18 for address or place of the proposed Company
  • Form-32 for particulars of proposed managers, directors, and secretary

Steps involved in registration for the company in India

  • Apply Reserve Unique Name Form (RUN)
  • Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Form SPICe INC-32 (e-Form for company registration)
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association in SPICe INC-33 and Articles of Association in SPICe form registration for the company
  • Pay the filing and company registration fee.
  • Collect the Certification of Incorporation, TAN, and PAN

In case, if the RoC does not find the application form submitted satisfactory, then applicants will get informed. They will get to know what documents are missing and applicants can re-file their application after making required changes.

Register your company effortlessly in India with 3E Accounting India

To register a company in India, you need first to choose the right business structure. By taking help from professional experts of the 3E Accounting Firm, you can get all the necessary information required to start and establish your company name in India. 3E Accounting India is here to help you in establishing your company’s legal presence and filing the appropriate forms with proper Indian authorities.India company incorporation services offered by our skilled team help you to complete the company registration process.