Reasons to Remove a Mugshot From Search Results


As online mugshot websites have used public information as a weapon, the drive to remove a mugshot from the Internet has only increased. While there is sometimes a need to put someone’s mugshot out there, the decision to do so is easily exploitable by people who seek to make money on the humiliation of others. 

Often, those “others” have done nothing to deserve the overwhelming backlash that comes with being forever tied to a minor indiscretion. In the following article, we explore the reasons to have a mugshot removed. Let’s begin!

1. To Preserve Your Reputation

One of the best reasons for mugshot removal is the repair that it can do to your reputation. Unfortunately, there are many sites out there that trade in humiliating others.

These sites can keep your mugshot at the top of search engines for years to come. Getting a mugshot removed gives you a chance to earn back some of what you’ve lost. 

2. To Fight Back Against Unfair Accusations

Online mugshots are especially unfair when you haven’t been convicted of the crime for which you’ve been arrested. In fact, you might even beat the charges altogether but still have to deal with the fallout. 

That’s because mugshot websites never go back to revisit the cases they’re posting. They put you out there, and the guilt lives on even after you’ve been found innocent. 

3. To Put Criminals in Their Place

Some mugshot removal websites engage in the criminal act of extortion. They put your name and face out there and then refuse to take it down unless you pay them a fee.

You might be desperate enough to do that to keep your name and face out of the search engine results, but often that’s not what happens. Yes, they might remove it, but only to put it up on another website and repeat the process.

If you can prove a connection, then you can help authorities bring criminal charges against these individuals. This is a bonus of getting your mugshot removed.

4. To Protect Family Members

When mugshots on search engines are visible, it does more than harm your reputation. It also embarrasses family members, including any small children that you are raising. You owe it to them, as well as yourself, to address these issues when they occur.

5. To Improve Your Job Chances

The personal corrosion of mugshots does more than embarrass and harm reputations. It can also make it incredibly difficult to find work. While employers shouldn’t hold your past against you, they have a tremendous amount of leeway through company policies to disassociate themselves with you. 

One mistake should not make you unmarketable. Unfortunately, it often does, and that’s yet another reason to get your mugshot removed as soon as possible.

6. To Better Our Society

Partnering with mugshot removal services is more than just a personal benefit. It can help society-at-large by reducing the hold these profit-over-people websites have on the reputation of every person unfairly accused or who has done their time and simply wants to move on with their lives. 

Remove a Mugshot That Has Been Plaguing You

Do you have the need to remove a mugshot of yourself or a loved one? Human decency is on your side, as you can see from the many reasons to get it done. 

There is never good that comes from this form of ongoing public humiliation, so use these reasons to fight back! For more life hacks and tips, check out some of our additional posts!

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