Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Things to Consider When Choosing Ball-Bearing

All the ball-bearings in the market are designed with certain purposes. One type of bearing will not be suitable for multiple applications. Choosing the wrong kind of bearing will ultimately lead to malfunction. A kind of bearing for which manufacturers look for is the ones which can operate in high temperature environment. The usual standard ball bearing is suitable in an atmosphere with 300 degree Fahrenheit. 

But operating atmosphere which has more heat will be tough for such bearings. The bearing designed to be in high-temperature environment can be there without any compromise with performance or durability. Some ball bearings are designed to perform their best even at 2000 degree Fahrenheit. A wide variety of issues will appear once the temperature goes beyond that. Ultimately it will negatively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the bearings.  

High temperature bearings are designed with the purpose of withstanding extreme temperature when buying such bearings; one usually expects long service life, minimized complexity, exceptional performance and lower operating cost. 


The ideal temperature varies from application to application. Some industries like food and beverages sometimes require higher temperature for operations. The bearings for such environment are required to be able to handle the temperature of the environment without any negative impact.  Manufacturers design the bearings for   such environment with loads of consideration. Choosing the right bearing will ultimately help to carry on operation without any issue. The parts of these bearings are able to work properly in such situations. 


It is the reason of wear and tear on many products including bearing. When the bearings are designed to have reduced friction there are factors which can aggravate it. If the bearings are not suitable for environments with high heat, he chances of friction higher. Heat easily expands the metal and purges the lubricant and increases the friction. This will result in excessive wear and tear reducing the life span of the bearings. It is necessary to consider the temperature of the application and friction before buying the bearings. There are manufacturers who offer quality bearing for such environments. Always make sure to get your products from reliable and well known establishments like authorized SKF distributor (ตัวแทน skf, term in Thai).


 Without adequate lubricant it is not possible for bearings to work properly. This part not only reduces the friction but also reduces the wear and tear related to it. When friction generates heat, the heat must be dissipated to save the bearing from wear and tear. The lubricant helps to dissipate some of this. That is why it is necessary to the lubricant wisely as well to increase the life of your bearings. 

Grease and oil are the most common lubricants. The viscosity of both the products is affected by heat. So bearing in high heat region needs lubricants that can withstand the temperature without creating a mess. Choosing the correct products will contribute towards low maintenance cost, optimized performance and failure prevention. While choosing your bearings for high heat manufacturing zone, always look for the suitable lubricant as well. This will help to avoid any unexpected situations during operation.