Manufacturing Your Product: A Complete Guide


There are around 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide. Learning about manufacturing lets you improve your product quality from the get-go.

26% of entrepreneurs consult the internet for business-related advice. Learning about the manufacturing process before will make your product’s launch go easier.

Market growth relies on product innovation to thrive. There’s a good chance your product is the answer consumers are looking for. The only way to find out is to finally manufacture your product.

Here’s what every entrepreneur needs to know about product manufacturing before getting started:

Develop a Product Design and Prototype

Before you manufacture a product, you must create a working product design. The most successful products solve a problem for their target audience. Researching your audience’s needs will inform and enrich your product development.

After that, use your research and design to build a prototype. This gives you insight into what it takes to create your product. It also lets you experience your product’s functionality and build firsthand.

Determine Your Budget

Decide upon a budget before you approach manufacturing firms. Always remember that manufacturing costs include the cost of labor. They also depend on your product’s degree of complexity and specialty.

The more features your product includes, the more it’ll cost to manufacture. Speaking of manufacturing:

Outsource a Manufacturing Firm or Factory

Nowadays, most Western businesspeople seek manufacturing options overseas. Many outsource Chinese manufacturers due to their cheap prices, but there’s a catch. Quality issues and customer service problems (including language barriers) are the common complaints.

Good thing there are other options that are inexpensive and closer to home. For instance, this automation solutions company manufactures products out of Toronto, Canada. Since 1 US dollar equates to 1.25 Canadian dollars, you’re still saving money by working with them.

Finding a manufacturer you’re able to work with directly will increase your profits. It also ensures you’ll have more control over your own supply chain.

Consider Dropshipping

If your product has a simple design, think about using a dropshipping business model. With dropshipping, a third-party creates and ships products on a company’s behalf. Its low startup costs make it an attractive option for carrying out new product ideas.

Dropshipping is great if you’re interested in designing and selling branded merchandise. This includes shirts, mugs, hats, T-shirts, bags, posters, and more.

Maintain Records

Keep a paper trail of financial statements and documents you collect along the way. These records provide proof of payment and interactions with a factory or firm.

Maintaining records helps you in case an error occurs on either party’s end. Storing them in a secure, secret place helps with keeping them out of harm’s way.

Start the Manufacturing Process Today

Every 2 minutes, a new product gets launched into the U.S. marketplace. Manufacturing your product is only the first phase of its existence.

Developing a clever, strong marketing strategy distinguishes you from your competition. This includes building a following on your branded social media accounts.

Build up your brand—check out our articles about branding and business. It’ll give you more of a competitive edge than anything else will.

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