How to Replace Office Chair Casters Step-by-Step

Did you know that more than 12 million tons of furniture end up in landfills every year? Office chairs make up a large amount of this furniture waste. Many people are quick to toss their chairs as soon as they develop even the smallest wobble.

However, you don’t have to go running to the landfill as soon as the wheels stop working. You can simply replace your chair casters and your chair will feel as good as new!

If you don’t know how to replace chair casters, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how to do it!

Measure the Old Caster

The first step is picking out new casters. You’ll have to do this by measuring the old ones with a measuring tape or a ruler.

If you like the height of your chair, check the diameter of your current casters and order the same diameter. However, you can also size them up or down. A larger diameter will help your chair sit higher while a smaller diameter will make your chair sit lower.

While the diameter of your casters is flexible, the size of the caster stems isn’t. If the new casters don’t have the same size stem, they won’t fit your chair.

Flip your chair and remove one caster. You can do this by pulling the grip ring stem. The grip ring stem is a small, split ring shaped like a C.

With a firm tug on the grip ring, your caster should come right off. If you have threaded casters on your chair, simply unscrew them. You might need a pair of pliers for torque.

Then, measure the length and diameter of the stem.

Choosing a Chair Caster

Now that you know what size caster you need, you can pick what kind of wheel you’d like.

When choosing office chair wheels, you have to consider the floor your chair sits on. If you have a hardwood floor, consider using soft wheel casters. If you have a carpeted floor, use hard wheel casters.

This will prevent damage to your floor and ensure a smooth roll.

For our pick, we like these heavy duty casters. You can get them for any size and any piece of furniture including tables, desks, and more.

Replace the Chair Casters

Now, remove the rest of the casters like you did when you were measuring them. Install your new casters by inserting the stem into the chair base. If you have a threaded stem, simply screw them in.

If they get stuck, apply WD-40 to lubricate the area. Then, take your chair out for a spin!

Give Your Office Chair New Life

With this guide, you can prolong the lifespan of your office chair. When your chair casters stop working, you can replace them and your chair will be as good as new!

If both you and all your office mates use this strategy, you can prevent excess office furniture waste and do your part to save the environment. So be sure to share this article! And, for more sustainability tips and tricks, check out our blog!