Clear Advantage: 4 Top Benefits of a Glass Top Desk

Is your office space in need of a serious upgrade? Do the thoughts of a traditional wood or metal desk make you cringe?

Then it’s time to invest in a glass top desk!

After COVID-19, over 80% of people work from home at least 3 days per week. And whether you’re at home or in the office, you need a desk that’s comfortable and functional.

Glass top desks are just that! They’re stylish, easy to maintain, and have more advantages than their alternatives!

Not convinced?

Then keep reading for the top 4 benefits of a glass top desk and turn your drab into fab!

  1. They Brighten Your Space

Give the illusion of space with a glass desktop. The transparency of the glass lets light filter through the room, giving it a nice open feel.

Wooden and metal desks have complex designs and give your space a classical feel. A glass desk gives it a modern twist while adding a minimalistic, professional look.

Adding a glass table top over your existing desk can make a dark room appear well-lit and uncluttered. Breath in that open space!

  1. They’re Long-Lasting

Glass desks are more durable than you might think. And they can preserve the life of other desks as well.

Have any antique pieces? Put a customized glass table top over an existing table, like the ones made by Community Glass and Mirror, to protect it!

Think of it as a screen protector for your phone. They make glass tops for desks with tempered glass. So they are stable and resistant to bumps and scratches.

And if you grow tired of it, the glass is recyclable! Talk about a clear investment!

  1. They’re Low Maintenance

Let’s not add one more thing to your ever-growing To-Do List. A glass top desk sounds like a high-maintenance item, but the reality is the opposite.

Cut down your cleaning time with glass desks. They don’t stain or have any risk of corrosion if you spill anything on them. Give them a quick dusting and a polish here and there, and your glass table top will keep its beauty.

Pretty and easy to take care of? How can it get any better?

  1.  You Get Unlimited Styling Options

The best part of glass top desks is their ability to coordinate with everything!

Glass desks are 100% customizable, so you can be sure to get the design, size, shape, and color you need to fit your space. With no fear of having to make adjustments to your existing office space!

Face It, You Need a Glass Top Desk

Don’t spend hours searching for the perfect desk for your office space!

A glass top desk is an ideal choice, no matter the style of your home’s decor. Durable, low-maintenance, and customizable, their  versatile in every way!

You can even protect your existing desk by getting a glass table top! The possibilities are endless!

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