Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How to Get the Best Settlement for your Car Accident Case

Under the law, anyone who has been in a serious accident is eligible for full compensation for their injuries. However, insurance companies and defense lawyers are notoriously stubborn in trying to reward as little money as possible or deny claims of applicants altogether. They are expected to take all potential measures to the least amount of compensation, regardless of the severity of the victim’s injuries. 

An experienced Boca Raton car accident attorney knows how much serious injuries can cost a person and their families. They have a commitment to help their clients secure the biggest recovery possible. Their years of experience seeking compensation for their injuries of their clients has helped them identify the major tips below to negotiate and get the best results:

Taking It Slowly

If you are in an accident, insurance adjusters may contact you right away to offer an amount to settle your claim. But, often, it can take several months to know the full extent of your injuries and losses. Thus, you must not settle until you are sure about what the future holds for your recovery. 

Let your Lawyer Negotiate

Usually, insurance adjusters offer much less than their fair value of a claim. They take advantage of people’s ignorance of ways to properly value a personal injury claim. To arrive at a fair settlement, it is important to go through a negotiation process. That is why you must seek the help of a car accident lawyer before accepting any final offers. Your lawyer can tell you whether an offer is reasonable and whether it makes sense to file a lawsuit.

Ensure You Have Good Documentation

This documentation includes life impacts and any economic losses such as out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages. Keep in mind that insurers will not take your works for any aspect of your claim. You need to have instant documentation. The biggest part of your claim is often your pain and suffering as well as the impact on your quality of life, making you eligible for significant compensation. Thus, ensure you keep a calendar or a daily diary to record how you feel after the injury and keep track of any missed work or activities. Should you miss any work, ensure your doctor gives you a note to document your inability to do your job. Also, you must keep receipts of out-of-pocket expenses like housekeeping, prescriptions, or yard work. Your attorney will use these pieces of information for building your insurance demand.