Tips to safely transport your pet

Usually, people don’t have much idea about the actual rules and regulations for pet travel in cars, but most states have their own laws. For instance,

  • New Jersey police can fine anyone they find incorrectly transporting pet in a car. The fine begins at $250 and goes as high as $1000.
  • According to Hawaiian law, you cannot drive by keeping your dog on your lap.
  • In almost every state, if your pet causes an accident, its violation is covered under distracted driving rules.

Most of these rules are to protect the driver and the pet. However, in order to keep your pet safe and to transport them safely to a location, your best bet is to follow the tips given below:

Go for crash-tested crates

Crates are a great idea to ensure your pet’s safety while travelling. However, ensure to choose the right size crate for your furry friend. It is also necessary to pick safety certified, crash tested crates.

Go for aluminum and plastic with fiberglass for better safety and durability. Also ensure to choose models which allow good air circulation. To make the transportation of your dog safer choose crash bags inside the crate to offer additional protection to your dog in case of emergency breakage.

Give a break to yourself and your dog

Travelling with a dog is just like travelling with a child. Even if you push yourself to keep driving for hours and reach your destination quickly, your dog needs a break. So, make sure you stop every 2- 3 hours to let them go out, stretch their body and pee.

Turn off power windows

If your car has power windows, then chances are your dog can accidentally open them with just a paw press. Though you may consider it harmless, especially when your pet likes to stick his head out, but it is known that overexcited pets can jump out of moving cars. So, make sure you prevent this from happening by turning off the power windows of your car.

Carry their water and bowl

Dogs need periodic access to water, especially while they are on a road trip. So, make sure you store a bottle of water for them. Also, a bowl of their favorite food would be great for them.

Hire professionals for the task

Surely, you may not be a pro in transporting dogs, especially when it is a long-distance travel. Hence, it is better to hire professionals for the task. Shiply is your one-stop solution to get your pet transported from anywhere to anywhere. Just mention your query on their load board and you will be decked with options. Pick the one you find feasible and your pet will reach its destination safely, at the best possible rates.

Irrespective of the law in your area, it is not advisable to travel with your dog alone. Make sure you have another passenger in the car who can deal with the dog while you are focusing on the road. Do not leave them in the car for a long time.