Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Why SEO is a Mandatory Step for the Companies Online

Search engine optimization is a mandatory attribute of companies that want to succeed on the Internet and receive new customers from the list of results. The entrepreneur has several possibilities: to address freelancers, a professional SEO studio or to hire an SEO specialist.

In this article we will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of each variant, we will state how the prices for SEO promotion are formed and according to which parameters we choose the optimal construction.

Ways to pay for services

There are three basic ways to pay for promotion specialists: monthly, per hour, per project or task (one payment). If you have a large website, then the hourly payment can be much higher than your budget for marketing services.

The single payment has its disadvantages: the employee may not be interested in providing the services for a longer period of time and performing the work without quality.

The fixed monthly salary is an optimal option for advancing in the engine, with which you receive:

Ongoing project support: You can ask questions at any time or request a problematic solution.

Understand clearly how much money you will pay for the next 3-6 months of promotion and what profit you can bet on.

This pricing method is justified, if you:

Strictly plan your time and budget. A good example is the online store. In it, periodically expand the product line and optimize new online pages according to the search engine.

You are already in the TOP and you need to maintain the result. The ranking factors of the sites are constantly changing, therefore, in order to maintain high positions, it is essential to carry out regular optimization work. You can also do some off-page SEO activities to build traffic on the website. You can use the blogging technique and promote your website. With the help of guestpost finder, you can promote your product in a niche relevant blog and build quality links for the website.

The representative of a small business

If your entrepreneurial activity is narrowly specialized and you have limited tools to attract search traffic, then monthly and fixed payment for services will be the ideal solution.

What does SEO promotion include?

How long does SEO promotion take?

Before concluding a contract with the specialist or the private company, it is mandatory to specify what the SEO promotion service will include. The provider must list an exact series of works, which you will follow along the way and you will appreciate the quality of their work.

When drawing up the technical task of providing SEO services in the Studio Webmaster company, the exact works are always indicated, which will be performed within the internal optimization of the site, for example. The basic package usually includes:

  • Semantic core collection
  • Select the relevant pages for internal optimization
  • Registration of Google and Yandex accounts to connect analytics modules.
  • Detect and remove duplicate pages from the site
  • Detection and elimination of technical errors
  • 404 error configuration
  • Prescribing metatags and tags for the site page (Title, Description, Keywords, ALT images, TITLE images, H1, H2, H3)

Relinking to the website

Check the loading speed of the site and improve this indicator

External optimization services also include the purchase of links or links (placement of references about the site, links on thematic portals, media), but also registration in catalogs, forums and crowd-marketing.