How To Get Domain Names For Your New eCommerce Store?

Done with your new online store’s name? Looking for the right domain name to use? Bingo…!! You are at the right place. Get yourself reading.

How to choose a Good Domain Name?

Here are a few rules of thumb to follow how to choose a business name.

  • Make it descriptive.

Make your domain name the reflection of the service of your eCommerce store for bollard lighting. That’s the best type of domain name to choose from. Mammoths of the eCommerce stores use their brand name in their domain name, maybe you should too. Another way to choose to have a good domain name is by having one of your signature products or service in it.

  • Choose a short name.

It’s profitable if your domain name is short and easy to remember, this way your clients can directly reach you by entering your domain name in the URL box. If you have a long domain name, then there are chances that most of your clients will get it wrong.

  • Go for the keyword-rich domain name.

While choosing the domain name for your eCommerce business, you want to be SEO proficient. So choose a domain name with good keyword density. You want search engines to know what you do. This is one way to boost your reach via SEO, without spamming in the bot’s view.

With keyword(s) in the domain name, you can easily generate backlinks, and rank higher in the search engine result pages. Domain names with keywords are SEO friendly and have a charming spell on the search engines’ ranking bots.

  • Avoid hyphens.

Most of the iconic and premium domain names don’t have hyphens in them. Having hyphens in your domain name makes it prone to mismatching. Your clients can land on a different website if they miss or add a hyphen in your domain name.

Your domain name is synonymous with your brand.

After going through the thumb rules of domain name selection, you should choose a domain name that synchronizes well with your site. Choose a domain name that sails smoothly with your logo, taglines, and artistic impact of your website.

If your web portal’s logo, taglines, and aesthetic are not well aligned with your domain name and company name, customers might feel cheated and click-baited.

And if customers feel that you are cheating just to get traffic on your site, then you are not getting any sales. In this type of situation, clients literally lose interest in your site and want no more work with you.

So try your best to maintain your brand’s dignity by aligning your domain name well with your services and website.

Mistakes people make while choosing a domain name.

  • Being identical.

Most businesses choose their domain names identical to their competitors. But this is unhealthy for the brand image. Choosing a generic name or near-identical name from your competitor makes your brand look like a first-copy of the original. Identical domain names don’t get you anywhere.

  • Setting for generic domains.

Often brands choose domain extensions other than .com or .net and loose their iconic identity among the zillions of site. For being recognizable, you should choose domain names that end with popular extensions like .com or .net.

  • Taking a language questionnaire.

Most of the time, business owners make the spelling of their domain names so complicated that their clients have to literally try to memorize the domain names. Don’t do this to your clients. Choose a spelling that is easy to type and spells what it sounds like.

  • Being generic.

Generic marketing is outdated nowadays. You should not be paying loads of money to designers and other people for being generic. You should always be unique and brandable. A brandable domain name is a thousand times better than a generic domain name.

  • Not doing proper research.

This hurts businesses hard. People often leave everything on their partners or to themselves to choose a name. They never try to see beyond their viewpoint. They don’t analyze the market for its trends and choose an outdated domain name. The best antigen to avoid such mishaps is hiring an expert brand naming agency to choose your domain name. They are the people who name businesses 24/7. Having someone give you this expert advice is profitable for your business.

  • Cracking back in the pocket jokes.

You cannot be subtle while choosing a domain name. That’s a blunder. You should not make your domain name back in the pocket joke that only someone understands, instead you should make your domain name a loudspeaker for what you do. This builds customers’ trust with the brand and adds on to the integrity of clients and the eCommerce store.

That was easy…!! Wasn’t it? A set of thumb rules and mistakes to avoid while choosing your domain name. That should do for your company. Abide by these rules and get a premium domain for your new eCommerce store and start boosting your sales today.