Hangers galore!

There are different kinds of hangers suited for a variety of clothing. Here are some of them:

  1. Pant hangers

This is ideal for trousers and jeans. It is typically comprised of a wire hanger that allows you to easily slip in your folded pants. Certain hangers are designed to hold multiple pants that allow for economic storage facility. Since pants are a lot heavier, these hangers are sturdy and can easily handle the weight without bending. They are routinely made of wood or steel. They alternatively feature clips for fortifying the waistband to the hanger.

  1. Scarf hangers

Scarf hangers come with several individual loops that allow you to slip the scarf through the opening. Since scarves are mostly used in winters, most of these hangers have silk or velvet covering the metal or wood, assisting in preserving the quality of the scarf until they are ready to be used.

  1. Wood hangers

Wood hangers are ideal for heavy clothing. They are hardy and a perfect fit for suits and coats. It gives a chic, vintage finish to any wardrobe. The hangers are made flat and treated against rust since wood has decaying properties.

  1. U-slide hanger

This takes wooden hangers to the next level! U-slide hangers are made with heavy duty plastic with silicone. Since they are robust, it can be used for hanging a complete outfit. It is said that a single hanger can carry clothing weighing up to a whopping 12 pounds! Also, you don’t have to stretch out the collar of your shirts as each one of them is about 16 inches wide. They can also be used to hang heavy clothing like woolen sweaters or coats.

  1. Collapsible hanger

Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering to tight spaces which can potentially ruin the look of your neatly pressed clothes. A collapsible hanger allows you to fold the clothes with the hanger intact. It goes from 16 inches to only 8 inches wide when folded. If you fold it twice, it will reduce to 6 inches, culminating in easy storage with the added benefit of aesthetics. It is made up of plastic and comes in a pack of about a dozen pieces. CintresDispletech offers a wide range of hangers to suit all your needs.

  1. Tie hangers

Tie hangers have multiple support lines to hang your tie. They are covered in soft fabric and help in sustaining the quality of the material. You can store multiple ties in a single hanger.