How to Find and Hire a Quality Diesel Engine Mechanic

Diesel engines are becoming a popular option for commercial and regular vehicles, and it’s easy to see why. Diesel is an environmentally friendlier option than gasoline engines, and they’re 20% more efficient

The only issue with these engine types is that since gasoline is still more popular, you may find it difficult to find a quality diesel engine mechanic. Are you ready to make the switch from gas to diesel but don’t want to deal with repairs? Read on to learn how to find a mechanic near you!

Check Online Reviews 

The first thing you should do is head to Google Maps and search for “diesel engine mechanic near me.” 

You’ll pull up a list of local mechanics. Next to those names, you’ll see a star rating. Clicking on that will take you to a list of reviews from people who have used the mechanic in the past. 

In these reviews, you can see other people’s experiences. Was the mechanic professional? Did they give the user a fair price for the service provided? Did they explain everything that was wrong with the vehicle and explain what options the reviewer had? 

Remember that no matter how good a mechanic is, everyone has an off day. If there are only a few critical reviews, there’s no need to worry. You’re looking for patterns. If multiple people complain about the same thing, it’s safe to assume that you could face the same issue.

You can also ask friends and family about the mechanics they use. Create a list of possibilities from them and then check those reviews as well. 

Find Out How Much Experience The Mechanic Has

Once you have a few possibilities, you can go to the Better Business Bureau website to see when a mechanic opened their shop. You can also see complaints here whether the mechanic worked to resolve them.

You’ll want to look for someone who’s serviced diesel vehicles for at least a year, but the longer they’ve been open, the better. This lets you know that you aren’t dealing with a fly-by-night operation and that the mechanic has probably worked on vehicles with issues similar to the ones you’re experiencing. 

Gather Estimates 

You should be able to call a mechanic or take your vehicle to their shop and get a free estimate. They may hook your vehicle up to a machine, like the Navistar Engine Diagnostics device, which will give them a code so they know exactly what’s wrong. They might take an old-school approach and pop the hood. Either way, they should give you a clear idea of what the problem is. 

Remember that the cheapest option may not be the best. You aren’t only paying for the repair, but also the experience of the mechanic. If a newer mechanic low-balls you, there’s a chance that they don’t understand the full extent of the issue. If a more experienced mechanic quotes you a price that’s a little higher, you’re better off paying more money now to get your vehicle fixed right the first time.

Choosing The Right Diesel Engine Mechanic Will Save You Money

You’ll often find that you’ll pay more money for an experienced diesel engine mechanic, but that money will pay dividends in the future. They’ll make sure that your vehicle gets fixed right the first time while also looking for other potential problems. These mechanics will get you back on the road quickly and keep you on it for longer. 

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