Do You Need a Professional Financial Advisor? Your Questions, Answered


Are you wondering how you should invest your resources? Are you considering hiring a personal financial advisory?

Believe it or not, the right financial advisor can do more than just give you suggestions for stocks and mutual funds. They can help you manage your money so you and your family are well-prepared for the future.

What do financial advisors do, and how can they help you?

Let’s take a look.

What is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor can help you create an easy plan for your financial future. They will meet with you to discuss your goals and recommend a plan of action

You may, for example, want to make sure you have enough for retirement, or for sending your children to college. Or you may be looking to make smart investments or avoid estate tax. 

If you don’t have a strong knowledge of investments or time to evaluate and monitor them, a financial advisor could be a smart decision. These folks will know about all of the latest changes that will impact you.

For example, there may be changes to tax laws or mutual fund options at your brokerage firm. Or you may be experiencing important life changes that will impact your financial future. These could include a marriage, a divorce, or an inheritance.

A financial advisor can help you make informed decisions and notify you of changes you can make with the investments that will put you in a more advantageous position. The knowledge that your advisor has will make these decisions much easier.

How Do Financial Advisors Help?

Some folks hire financial advisors on a full-time basis. Often, paying these professionals is done through a percentage of the investment assets. You could also pay a flat fee.

You may feel ill-equipped to plan your financial future and know you will find peace of mind if you hire someone with the required breadth of knowledge. If this is you, you could benefit from the assistance of a solid financial advisor.

It’s also possible to hire a financial advisor for single-time financial advice. You may, for example, need some help evaluating some benefits or buyout options your company may be offering. Or you may be looking to come up with a general financial plan for your future.

One-time advisors will usually charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. Yet they may also be there to help you out in the future. You may, for example, check-in with them or be able to contact them if you have additional questions. 

Financial advisors will use their expertise to do all of the comparison-shopping and strategizing for you. If you feel that you could benefit from this type of service, it’s time to start looking for the right professional.

Finding a Professional Financial Advisor

If you are worried about your ability to manage your wealth, a professional financial advisor can provide you with peace of mind and a sound financial future. It’s well worth your time and money to search for a qualified professional.

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