How to Ship Directly to Amazon While Importing Goods to the US

Often people get confused with several questions on contemporary international business such as whether they can directly sell on Amazon US as international sellers, or can they send any order from their factory directly to the Amazon etc. The ultimate answer to these questions can be discussed with several options. The first option is, you can use a custom broker for the purpose such as Clearit USA amazon customs brokerage as your consignee with the EIN, or you can also use courier services such as UPS or DHL or FedEx etc. or you can also use a forwarding and prepping company which will act as your consignee without the EIN, or as the final option, you can also use a custom broker of forwarding company while delivery through sea shipment or air but not by courier, and act as consignee yourself and importer of record. In the context of the fourth option, you will, however, need the EIN of Amazon.

In any of the cases, you should get your EIN or the US taxpayers number. Getting the EIN does not actually involve any complication or a complex procedure, and you can get the EIN with a simple and easy way of application procedure which takes around ten to fifteen minutes. Another important reminder for you to know is, not all the customs brokers who canact as the consignee for your transactions. The brokers who do it regularly mention the services on top to act as your ultimate consignee. Similarly, another important information you must know is, you should never put Amazon as the importer of record in any of your records, they will directly reject your shipment. Wheneveryou directly send your goods to Amazon, mention them as ultimate consignee but not as an importer of record.

One of the most important aspects when you send your goods from other countries such as China to Amazon without stopping anywhere in between, never forget to inspect before sending the products. Though your goods are inspected in the US,and if they are found with defects to a greater extent, can you resend them back to China? Therefore, you should thoroughly inspect them in China with a reliable and reputed company before sending the goods to Amazon. You can get the option of further reworking on the products in the factory in China itself if you find them with defects before you send them to Amazon.