How General Contractors Are Using Construction Technology

It’s no secret that construction technology is changing the game for general contractors. Construction software is streamlining site workflow and changing how the industry works.

Contractors are now able to get projects done more quickly and efficiently. It’s no wonder more companies in this industry are embracing technology.

According to research, over 93% of contractors use mobile applications today. These apps can collect data on the field and ease communication with other team members.

So how are contractors using technology in construction projects today? And how does this integration affect their efficiency and quality of work? Read below to find out.

Improving Communication

One area where technology has a significant impact is communication. There was a lot of miscommunication among team members. This was the leading cause of delays and cost overruns.

Today there are many tech tools that contractors can use to improve communication. Hence, keeping everyone on the same page.

Contractor software tools today come with chat and project management features. Such features make it easy for everyone to stay in sync.

The tech also helps improve communication between the contractor and the client. In the past, it was often difficult for clients to get a clear picture of what was happening on their project.

Today, project managers use management software to update clients on the project’s progress. This way, the client can always be in the loop and knows exactly what is happening with their project.

Estimating the Cost of a Project

Construction estimative software is used to calculate the probable cost of a project. The software allows general contractors to submit more accurate and realistic bids.

Hence, they increase their chances of winning the bid and increasing their profitability. Some features of an estimative software include:

  • The ability to quickly and easily generate estimates for construction projects
  • A library of pre-priced materials and labor rates
  • Calculation of overhead and profit margins
  • Integration with accounting software

This technology is changing the way contractors do their cost calculations.

Additionally, you can use the software to negotiate prices with subcontractors and suppliers. This ensures that the contractor gets the best possible price for the project.

Estimating software is becoming more commonplace as the industry embraces technology. This trend is likely to continue as contractors seek to gain a competitive edge.

If you’re looking for the best cost estimating software, check out this article for the different softwares available.

Enhanced Safety With Wearable Technologies

Construction workers are susceptible to a variety of accidents and injuries. These accidents range from slips and fall to being struck by falling objects.

Wearing the proper safety equipment is one way to prevent these accidents. Yet, many workers often don’t have the time or knowledge to do so.

Fortunately, several tech tools can help contractors implement safety measures. One such tool is wearable technology. You can use wearable tech to track worker movement and location.

This information helps you identify potential safety hazards. You can also use it to create virtual reality simulations of sites.

This allows workers to familiarize themselves with the site’s layout. It also helps them identify potential hazards before stepping foot on the job site.

Using AI technology in Construction

Artificial intelligence application in construction is not new. AI is being used for predictive maintenance of equipment and material management.

Some construction companies are also using AI for workforce management and safety precautions.

The use of AI is still in its early days. But the potential for impact is significant.

Some real-life examples of AI use in the construction industry today include:

  • Using automated drones for surveying land and mapping site conditions
  • Using robots to lay bricks and mix concrete
  • Contractors are using Virtual Reality (VR) to create realistic simulations of projects
  • Construction companies are using AI to help with planning and training
  • Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to provide real-time information about the surrounding environment
  • AI is being used to create digital twins of construction projects

All these applications of AI aid in planning and decision-making. Adapting AI technology will make work easier for your construction workers.

The Rise of Energy Efficient Buildings

The construction industry is always looking for ways to build better and cheaper.

Today workers use tech tools to save time and money on projects. One way to do this is through energy-efficient structures.

Contractors are using the latest technology to reduce their environmental impact. This not only helps the environment but also cuts costs for the contractor.

There are many tech tools available to help contractors with energy-efficient buildings. One example is Building Information Modeling (BIM). The tech allows contractors to create three-dimensional models of buildings before they’re built.

This means they can see how the building will use energy and make changes to the design accordingly.

Tracking the Progress of a Construction Project

Today, more contractors are realizing the benefits of using GPS tracking devices. You can use GPS to track the progress of their projects and track employee performance.

Additionally, companies use drones to inspect job sites and track project progress. Drones can provide a bird’s eye view of the site. This can be helpful for safety planning and coordination.

Tracking the project’s progress also helps contractors identify potential problems. This helps them predict and avoid cost overruns and schedule delays before it’s too late.

Reducing Construction Site Errors

One of the main benefits of technology is that it helps reduce mistakes.

Today, general contractors use different tech tools to better understand the project site. This can help them pinpoint and avoid potential mistakes.

Additionally, they use technology to streamline communication and collaboration between different teams. This can further reduce the chances of errors and rework in the future.

Technology is helping general contractors work more efficiently. This means that there are fewer mistakes. This is a good thing because errors cost time and money.

Take Advantage of Construction Technology Today

Technology trends are constantly evolving. Hence, contractors need to stay on top of the latest tech tools to stay competitive.

Construction technology can also help contractors improve communication and save time and money.

However, the industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Fortunately, this is beginning to change. Hence, more contractors are embracing tech tools to help make their work easier.

If you’re a contractor, ensure you use construction technology to stay ahead of the curve.

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