Do You Want To Ship Your Classic Car?


Buying any classic car is no doubt a very exciting thing and particularly if you have found such a  car that you had always dreamt of. However, when you relocate or if you want to ship your car to some other location then you will be very careful about it so that it may not get damaged.

This will also hold true in case you have purchased your car from a certain auction held at a different state and you want to carry it to your home safely. It will be the right choice for your classic car transport by ship a car, Inc.

The following are few tips for shipping your classic car:

1.    Know the company

You cannot just believe on anyone when it comes to your classic car. Therefore, it will be very important to know everything about the company that will haul your vehicle. You must look for a company that has proper equipment, and experience.

2.    Do not wait till the last day to book

Usually, it may take several days to ship your car, based on your option and availability of the type of transport. Hence, you should not waste your time. Book your car immediately after you have made your final decision.

3.    Decide on the type of transport service you want

While shipping either can you prefer open transport or go for enclosed transport option. Normally, people prefer enclosed transport for such classic cars where the car will remain totally covered, and this is a bit costlier option than open transport.

4.    Avoid inaccurate quote calculators

You must avoid those companies that offer a cost for shipping based on their calculator available on their website that is often inaccurate. The right shipping cost of any  classic car will depend on –

  • Time of year
  • Location
  • Type of shipping e.g. enclosed transport.

5.    Get honest timing & cost

Many well-established companies for car shipping exist that are fully insured and licensed. Select the transporter that is focused on reliability, quality, and offers an all-inclusive price quote. On such companies you can trust.

6.    Do not choose only based on the price

However, do not choose such car shipping company solely based on their lower quotation. Quality must be the primary factor while choosing your service provider.  Often times, you will get what you will pay.

7.    Understand the insurance coverage

You must enquire the car shipping company about what kind of insurance that they will provide and how much will be the coverage. You must rather ask the company to email you the copy of their insutance policy.

8.    Follow important preparation procedures

Before shipping the car there are many important tasks have to be completed e.g.

  • Your car must contain only 25% of tank of gas
  • You must perform up-to-date maintenance
  • Fix any leakage problems
  • All valuables must be removed from the car
  • Preparation of written handling instructions meant for the driver
  • Proper inspection after taking a few pictures.

9.    Be available during transport

While loading of your car on the trailer you  must be present. You  must tell the shipping company to inform you the exact date when it will be shipped.

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