Best Services Offered by Lightning and Renovation Firms – Here’s What you Should Know

Lighting is the essence of every decor. Without the arrangement for proper lighting even an executive decor will look dull and dingy. Which is why professionals light fixtures are so invaluable when it comes to the aesthetics of a property – residential, industrial, as well as commercial. That being said, there are many practical benefits of installing new fixtures. And, this guide is all about such wonderful benefits and premium services that are offered by firms like NW Electrical Solutions

Let’s begin with the benefits before we can take you through the amazing services provided by this firm. 

Advantages of Modern Light Fixtures 

  1. They are Power Efficient

Modern light fixtures – whether they’re LEDs or new wiring systems – are highly power efficient. Which means that they consume less electricity. The benefits of this particular feature include the following. 

  • It reduces the electricity bill; hence, saves you money. 
  • It’s compatible with all kinds of power saving modern appliances. 
  • It protects the appliances/devices from getting damaged due to electric surge. 
  1. They Makes Every Corner Bright

Lights – whether LEDs or wall sconces – can brighten up each and every corner in your property. It uplifts and transforms the entire aura of the property. 

That said, let’s now take you through the amazing services offered by professionals at NW Electrical Solutions. Have a look! 

Services for Residential Properties 

  1. Residential renovations and upgrades.
  2. Electrical service panel upgrades. 
  3. Generators and emergency backup systems.
  4. Hot tub systems. 
  5. Swimming pools and fountains.
  6. Lighting upgrades and LED upgrade solutions. 
  7. Lighting control systems and smart home automation.
  8. CCTV and security systems.
  9. Fire alarm systems and smoke/CO² detectors.
  10. Gate automation. 

Services for Commercial Properties 

  1. Commercial renovations.
  2. LED lighting upgrades and energy management solutions.
  3. Distribution replacement and upgrades.
  4. Preventative maintenance programs.
  5. Automation system.
  6. Lighting control systems.
  7. Generator, and backup UPS systems.
  8. Entertainment systems and lighting.
  9. Signage and maintenance.
  10. Fire alarm systems.

Ergo, this firm specializes in providing all the above-mentioned services irrespective of what sector you belong to. The most common examples of clients that they serve are listed below.

  • Aquatic centers
  • Restaurants 
  • Office buildings 
  • Warehouses
  • Municipal buildings
  • Retail stores

Services for Industrial Properties 

  1. Preventative Maintenance.
  2. Rigid conduit systems (GRC, IMC).
  3. Machine installation.
  4. Hazardous locations installations.
  5. System troubleshooting.
  6. Emergency generator installation.
  7. Grounding and lighting protection.
  8. Industrial Controls.
  9. Variable frequency drives.
  10. Fire alarm systems.
  11. Communication systems.
  12. Medium voltage systems.

All in all, NW Electrical Solutions offers all kinds of renovation, restoration, and new construction services at the best rates possible. 

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