Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Why Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Is Your Best Bet When Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit

Attorney Anthony Van Johnson, an experienced and certified personal injury lawyer with an enviable track record, has helped many unfortunate individuals obtain a full fair settlement for the harms and injuries caused them by another person’s negligence. Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson has already represented a large number of clients in more than 40 courts all across the state of Georgia. Currently, he is a member of the Georgia Bar Association, American Association for Justice, American Bar Association, and Georgia Trials Lawyer Association.

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Increase in Auto Accident Lawsuits

If you have been a victim of a car crash that took place due to the other driver’s negligence, you are entitled to a full fair settlement or compensation that will cover all short and long-term expenses, any wages lost due to absence from work, as well as emotional distress that you and your family members have been made to pass through due to the accident. And it is the responsibility of the faculty person’s insurer to provide a fair settlement.

Recent reports, however, tell us that there has been a considerable increase in auto accident lawsuits in the US in the last years. And many believe that the reason behind this lies in the increasingly unscrupulous practices engaged in by the insurance companies that try to deprive, using a number of underhand techniques, the injured party from receiving fair compensation.

This is why you need a sound representation in the court to claim what you rightfully deserve and only a highly experienced and also caring attorney can help you do that. This is where Attorney Johnson’s reputation shines, since he has helped many a hapless individual receive his fair share in such circumstances. A somewhat detailed account of Attorney Johnson’s background and his life before he became a professional lawyer gives us a good insight as to how he has been able to achieve as much success as a lawyer as he has.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson: Background

A multi-talented individual, Anthony was born at Fort Benning Army Base and was son to a senior Flight Instructor who was an Airborne Infantry Senior Aviator in the US Army. Having spent his early years in a regimented military atmosphere helped instill in Anthony the values of discipline and structured life and this was to stand him in good stead throughout his formative years and later as a professional.

Early on in his career, Anthony discovered his passion for music—at a time while he was residing in Paris and already by the age 14, he was performing as a drummer in a number of musical bands. However, he had to put a temporary halt to his musical aspirations as he decided to enter the US Army at age 17. During the few years he spent in the army, Anthony received many accolades. Not only he was accepted as a member of the US Army Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team, but was also rewarded with the highly-coveted Expert Infantryman’s Badge.

Later Life

A prodigious talent, Anthony was however always eager to accept new challenges and this led him to apply for and successfully receive the NAVSHIPS 108 Certification. Thus began his foray into the nuclear industry first as a RADCON (Radiological Control Monitor) and subsequently graduating to the role of Senior Health Physics Technician, in which capacity he served a number of nuclear facilities all over the United States.

But as mentioned, always eager to explore new fields, Anthony soon joined Thomas Nelson Community College and received an A.S. in Business Administration from there. He then graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with English major. And finally, he received a doctorate in jurisprudence from the School of Law at Loyola University, Chicago.

So, afterwards, when he finally started on his legal career as a personal injury lawyer (and later founded his own legal establishment), all those previous exposures and experiences as well as values imbibed therein have stood Anthony in good stead. And this, after all, could very well be the secret behind Anthony Van Johnson’s phenomenal success as a lawyer.