AccessiBe – Simple Steps to Make Your Business Website Accessible and 100% Compliant

Web accessibility is the need of the hour. If you are a business owner, it is important for you to ensure your site is accessible online to everyone, including users with disabilities. You no longer have to resort to expensive manual procedures when it comes to fixing accessibility issues. Thanks to web accessibility tools, you can get a cost-effective alternative to ensure your site is 100% compliant and free from web accessibility issues with success!

AccessiBe is a highly trusted and credible tool when it comes to arresting web accessibility issues for your business site. It is empowered with the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help your site remain 100% compliant all the time.

In order to enable this tool to work for your site, you need to select the subscription plan that serves the needs of your business. After this, you will get one line of JavaScript code that you would need to embed in the HTML of the site. With this step, the installation process will be over.

You will see a plugin that comes in the form of an unobtrusive widget. It will have a dropdown menu and appear as the accessibility interface on the site. In this way, your site visitors can select the proper adjustment options for their disabilities and needs.

Get automatic scans daily for your site

Artificial intelligence will take over from here and scan your site daily. It will check the web content to make it accessible, and in under 48 hours, your site will be ADA compliant, and you will receive a certification as well. Besides the above, the scanner of this tool will operate a full scan of your site every 24 hours to make adjustments to any new content you might have uploaded to the site.

This tool has some amazing features, and some of them have been outlined below-

  • Users are able to get an interface that they can customize.
  • They can carry out diverse and numerous adjustments.
  • You get an automated system with two unique applications for boosting web accessibility.
  • Get a certificate of performance and an accessibility statement.
  • Daily scans to ensure accessibility compliance.
  • Comprehensive advisory service available on the official website.
  • Secures legal compliance with many regulations and laws.
  • It gives your business high value for money and is cost-effective for your business.

The pricing plans for AccessiBe start at $49 per month. This is affordable for even small business owners who are struggling with accessibility issues and compliance. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective tool for web accessibility, this tool is your companion. You do not have to incur any extra costs for its maintenance. The developers of this tool ensure that it is updated and maintained regularly so that you face no problems with compliance. At the same time, your users will be happy as they get a better browsing experience with your website every time they visit it for information or to buy a product or a service!