4 Digital Business Security Errors and How to Avoid Them

Data breaches reached records high in the year 2021. The 2020s are shaping up to be a profitable decade for cybercriminals. With so many businesses heading online, it’s easy pickings for smart hackers.

Reading just how common cybersecurity attacks are can be scary. However, it’s amazing how often basic digital business security errors are behind these strikes. Protecting business data doesn’t need to be hard, but you need to make sure you immunize yourself from common cyber threats so you don’t fall victim to an opportunist. 

This article will walk you through some of the most common errors in the world of digital business security so you can avoid them. 

1. Leaving Employees Ignorant 

The internet is still fairly new to many people. While some older folks might have an understanding of what the internet is, they might not use it throughout their everyday lives. 

If your business has just recently gone online (perhaps as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic), these people are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Everyone in your network is connected. This means that your whole business is vulnerable. 

Hold seminars to teach your employees proper online security protocol. Let them understand the importance of this issue so that they know how seriously to take it. 

2. Having No Recovery Plan

Sometimes one can’t avoid getting hit by a cybersecurity attack. However, if you have a recovery plan, your business will get back on its feet much quicker.

A great managed security planning company will help you figure out how to best proceed after you’ve been hit by a cybersecurity attack. It’s also possible that those attacking you could be bluffing about just how much information they have. Your security planning company could figure this out, and help you negotiate to pay less money. 

In fact, not having a security planning company that works with you is a flaw in itself; read about security planning here to understand just how important it is. 

3. Using Bad Password Practices

Often, hackers aren’t solving incredibly complex cryptograms to break into your network. At times, it’s as simple as filching someone’s password. 

Hackers can do this by simply plugging in common passwords, finding your password from another account, and even digging through the trash for papers. 

Make sure you make use of password best practices to stay safe.

4. Not Staying Vigilant 

At the end of the day, most of the security errors that people make come down to not taking security seriously enough. Stay just as vigilant about cybersecurity as you would about in-person security, and you’re far more likely to stay safe. 

Understand Digital Business Security Errors

The world is full of criminals, both in-person and online. However, if you protect yourself from the most common digital business security errors out there, you have a much smaller chance of getting attacked.

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