5 Benefits of Having an Attendance Tracker for Your Employees


If you run a team of any size, you’ll need to keep tabs on who is working and when they’re in. If everyone works the same working pattern in the same location, this can be relatively straightforward. However, when it comes to people taking time off for sickness or annual leave it can get complicated. 

If you’re working in an industry where you’re employees are required to do shift work, this adds another dimension of complexity to the mix. Where this is the case, it can be easy to lose track of who is working and who isn’t. 

This is where an attendance tracker comes in handy. By using a piece of employee feedback collection software or a rudimentary spreadsheet, it’s possible to manage your team in a more effective manner. 

In this guide, we’ll look at five key benefits of using an attendance tracker for your employees. 

1. Using an Attendance Tracker Helps Ensure Your Staff Get Paid

Payroll errors can be frustrating for your employees. They can even cause staff members to quit their jobs. Not only that but if you might end up paying staff for shifts they didn’t work. 

Using this attendance tracking software, you’ll be able to keep an accurate record of the work that your team has done, allowing you to pay them correctly. 

2. Using Attendance Tracking Software Improves Employee Attendance 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3% of the US workforce is absent on any given day. Employees not turning up to their allotted shifts can be very costly to businesses. 

If timekeeping and attendance are issues in your workforce, using the right software will help minimize this. 

3. A Time and Employee Attendance Tracker Ensures Everyone Knows When They’re Working

Without a working roster, employees may get confused about when they’re due to be at work. Having an attendance system in place will help people manage their life and ensure they know when they’re down to work. 

4. Using Attendance Tracking Helps Hold People Accountable

If you’re not tracking attendance, it can be hard to pull up members of your team that are continually missing shifts. If you have a piece of tracking software that helps you monitor attendance, you can arrange back-to-work interviews and take disciplinary action on employee’s attendance where needed. 

5. Attendance Tracking Helps You Make Informed Business Decisions 

Knowing how much you’ve spent on your staffing in the past will help you make better costing decisions in the future. Use your employee attendance tracker as a tool to help you forecast and set your future staffing budgets. 

Don’t Run Your Team Without an Attendance Tracker

Having an attendance tracker is vital if you want to have control over your workforce and labor costs. If you’re not already using tracking software to help manage your team, now’s the time to start. 

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