Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Zoom Fatigue: How To Combat Zoom Fatigue In A Virtual Event In Singapore

Teleconferencing apps and software, like Zoom and Google Meet, had bridged the communication gap when the workforce and students switched to remote working and schooling. Yes, they are undoubtedly convenient and reliable, but many experts have noticed their negative effects. It could be a problem for your future virtual exhibition in Singapore

Zoom fatigue is the feeling of mental exhaustion or burnout after using video and teleconferencing apps. 

Here’s how to combat your audience’s Zoom fatigue during your virtual event in Singapore:

1. Give brief breaks

It is typical for the virtual event organiser in Singapore to host hour-long events. It is effective to include in your programme a five-minute to ten-minute break to give your audience time to stretch their bodies, get water, go to the bathroom, and a moment to look away from the computer. 

2. Minimise Zoom windows

If you think about it, the perspective of each Zoom user, speaker or not, is like standing in front of the class; flashed on the screen are multiple faces staring at you. It increases the social anxiety and stress of the Zoom user. What you can do is give discretion a full-screen option to your audience during your virtual event. 

3. Hide your face from the view

Your virtual event company in Singapore may encourage you to turn on the cameras during the online exhibition, but did you know that turning off the camera or selecting hide self-view eliminates distractions? Believe it or not, most virtual attendees are distracted by their faces or other people’s faces flashing on their screens. 

4. Use different angles

Videoconferencing usually gives one camera angle– straight on your face. The angle does not capture the natural body language and movement cues of the speaker, which makes the discussion less engaging. A hybrid virtual exhibition in Singapore is the key. 

5. Shorten the event

You can make your virtual event in Singapore engaging by keeping everything short and simple. 

Don’t be one of those boring virtual events. Combat Zoom fatigue using these tips. 

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