Convert An Attic Into A Room – A Guide

Having an attic can be an extremely useful space when it is maintained. Whether you use it for storage or are thinking about converting it into an extra room, the location is a magical area that should be made the most of.

If you are considering converting your attic into a working room, this is the piece for you.

It is going to serve as a guide to help you make the most out of your attic space, so let’s get into it.

Delve into Inspiration

Before undertaking any major project, it is always worth thinking about what you want something to look like. Having a plan in place will allow you to look at the pros and cons of your design, and you will be able to tweak anything that you realize might not work.

There are so many conversion ideas out there, so take the time to study the space you have and see how you can take it to its full potential. Vision boards can be particularly useful for this, so you can make a representation of what you would like to be included.

Prep the Area

If you are starting from an untouched attic, it will likely require a lot of prep work before you can even think about starting with the paint. Common issues you can discover in attics that have been left alone include drafts, cracks and crevices, and pests.

If some furry friends have made a home in your home and you are not able to relocate them yourself, it is best to get a professional to help. Gulf Coast Exterminators has provided affordable and highly effective Richmond Texas pest control services for over 20 years.

This should be the first port of call before anything else. When the space is then free from nests and droppings, you can then start to patch up and repair everything that needs doing.

Patch Up the Problems

You want a clean slate to work with when transforming any room, so patching up any issues you see is a must. Make sure not to rush this part, as if you miss something, it can make things much more hassle.

This is the time to ensure your attic is structurally sound, repair any cracks, and seal up any crevices. Putting in insulation will always be a good idea, too, if you have the option to, as you will not have to return to it later.

Understand Lighting and Electrics

If you are turning your attic into a functional room, it is a good idea to plan out where the lighting needs to be and what kind you are looking for – especially if you do not have a skylight. You will also need fully working electrics so you can enjoy technology in your new space.

When you have worked out these fundamentals, potential problems, and solutions to work around them, you can then work out your dream design and put it into action.