Why Is Personalization The Most Beneficial Marketing Tactic

When used the accurate way, personalized marketing will provide your existing marketing strategies the boost they always needed. Marketers worldwide have been using this type of marketing technique for the past few decades to improve their existing ones.

The question is, how can you add a touch of personalization to your marketing campaigns. You can implement personalization strategies by using data that you gathered about your customers. Using this data, you can provide them with a marketing experience that revolves around their needs and requirements. You can integrate such a strategy into various marketing mediums such as blogs, emails, and social media to generate more traffic to your business.

Once you gather all the data about your typical customer, you can start personalizing your marketing campaigns according to them. Studies state that the rate of opened emails is 29 percent higher when you incorporate personalized email marketing into your email marketing campaigns. If that doesn’t convince you to give this type of marketing, listed below are a few benefits it can provide to your business.


Stand out from your competitors by creating better content through personalized marketing, which leaves an everlasting impression on your customers. Take the example of Coca Cola. They started using personalized marketing to provide them with a platform to launch the new “Share a Coke” marketing campaign. It provided them with a boost in sales after being stuck on the same sales figures for the last ten years. Just imagine that you buy a bottle of coke that has your name printed on it.

You can do the same thing by providing your customers with more personalized products. For example, suppose you own a business. In that case, you can develop products such as a custom diary or other to promote your company. When people see such personalized products, they find them more enticing and purchase on the spot.


With the help of personalized marketing, you can reach your specific audiences that cater to your niche. With data collected from online studies, lists, and surveys, you will create a more focused and effective marketing campaign. It will allow you to target customers according to their interests and needs.

For example, if viewers like a specific Netflix drama serial, Netflix begins showing them series related to the same genre. Similarly, you can offer customers products related to the previous products they have bought from you.


Getting to know about your customers’ interests and buying habits is always a good thing when talking about marketing. Online stores such as eBay and Amazon use these buying interests, which allows them to offer better recommendations regarding products and services. They also sometimes send emails to their users that contain recommendations and product catalogs.

It is always better to have recommendations from the service provider rather than asking friends or families which product would be the best for them. Based on past-purchases, companies not only recommend the right products but also develop new ones accordingly.


Utilizing personalized marketing is the best way to help out your customers with what they want. Simultaneously, it also leads to a boost in lead conversions and sales. For example, Twiddy, the home rental company, uses personalized marketing to offer better home rental suggestions to people looking for houses on a strict budget. It also results in cost-reduction and increased sales by around fifteen percent. Customization allows companies to elicit customer needs and provide tailor-made products; such tactics ensure customer lifetime value. An increase in customer lifetime value results in a profitable long-run strategy.


Companies incur a lot of money on their marketing campaigns to bring in new customers and retain their existing ones. However, traditional marketing techniques do not allow you to do such a thing. You have to incorporate various other marketing techniques if you wish to achieve such a thing. In the end, the money spent on running the campaign gets wasted without any returns.

With personalized marketing campaigns, you spend less and get more in return. When potential customers look at a product that is of use to them, they will purchase it without any second thought. Additionally, this technique shows customers that the company values them and considers their opinions.


According to numerous successful marketers, the future of marketing is personalized marketing. And seeing the benefits it brings, we can say that such a statement is accurate. Personalized marketing is all about making efforts to accommodate your customers, whether existing or new ones. So, before you run a new marketing campaign, put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and take a look at things from their perspective. It will provide you with benefits that were only imaginable in your dreams.