Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What is Microfiber Leather? Microfiber leather properties and applications

Microfiber leather is a widely used leather and is preferred by many people because of its advantages, so do you know all the advantages and disadvantages of Microfiber leather yet and how can you recognize it? Is Microfiber leather with other leathers? Today will share with you the information about Microfiber leather and how to use Microfiber leather in the best way.

What is Microfiber Leather?

Microfiber leather belongs to the line of synthetic leather that is said to be the closest to real leather currently on the market. This is a leather line that can replace real leather in the future. Microfiber leather possesses the appearance, properties and characteristics close to real leather. Products made from Microfiber leather are much cheaper than real leather and have a variety of designs.

Microfiber is called “Microfiber Artificial Leather” or “Microfiber Leather”. The characteristics of Microfiber leather are considered to be quite similar to real leather. Not only that, the physical and chemical properties of Microfiber leather are better than real leather. This is considered the most advanced industrial leather today and is preferred by many consumers.

Microfiber leather texture

Microfiber leather with leather construction using fine microfiber and high quality Polyuretan resin as the starting material. Microfiber leather uses knitting technology to create a 3D structure.

Characterized from Microfiber imitation leather with good physical and chemical properties, it is considered to be slightly better than real leather and in the current leather market, Microfiber leather is being used and developed more and more.

Advantages of Microfiber industrial leather

1. Looks like real leather
Through the simulation of 3D structure of real leather and woven by knitting technology; So Microfiber leather has a very similar appearance to real leather and you cannot distinguish it with the naked eye. From the skin textures to the details of the fibers, they are sharp and perfect, not inferior to real leather. Without knowledge and experience, it is difficult to distinguish between these two skin types with the naked eye.

Not only looks but even the surface of Microfiber leather helps consumers feel like real leather. When touching, the surface feels soft, smooth and feels very natural and makes the user feel comfortable.

2. More durable than real leather
Thanks to the use of needle-punched non-woven fabric manufacturing technology, extremely strong and resilient connections are created. Therefore, Microfiber leather has high durability, elasticity and extremely good bearing capacity. This type of leather, after being wetted and dried many times, still maintains good flexibility and mechanical and physical properties, while the leather quickly hardens, fades and the durability is quite poor.

After going through the production process using high technology, Microfiber leather has the ability to resist mildew, bacteria, deodorize; Waterproof; resistant to high temperature, low temperature; chemical resistant; This leather is very durable.

3. Easy to clean, clean and maintain
The pores on real leather will make cleaning products will be some inconvenience. Dirt, liquids can easily seep through these pores and cause your product to be damaged. Damage to the product from the inside that cannot be repaired. Moreover, they also produce unpleasant odors and are a breeding ground for mold and termites that are harmful to users.

Microfiber leather is waterproof, so all kinds of dirt and liquids are kept on the surface of the product. This makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. Helps prolong the life and durability of the product and gives users more confidence when using products made from Microfiber leather.

4. Safe, Non-Toxic
Skin from microfibers almost does not contain harmful substances, so it is absolutely safe for users.

5. Various colors
Genuine leather models do not have many colors to choose from (brown, yellow, white, black). As for Microfiber leather, there are many colors to choose from. Makes it much easier to coordinate colors between items.

6. Extremely good fire resistance
Currently, the situation of fire in apartment buildings is a concern of many people. Therefore, the number one priority today is to use products made from materials with good fire resistance. Especially the everyday items that you often use in the house. Therefore, Microfiber is one of the recommended materials. This is a very good fireproof leather for your utensils.

7. Microfiber leather price is cheaper than real leather
Microfiber leather price is about 70% cheaper than real leather (per unit area); according to several reviews and researches in the market. This will help customers own high-end products at moderate prices; suitable for the pocket of most customers.

Microfiber skin application

Below are the applications of microfiber synthetic leather. They are used a lot in all areas of everyday life.

1. Microfiber leather sofa
These sofas are made of industrial leather in vivid colors. The surface of the skin is smooth and has a matte finish to help pamper the user’s skin. Moreover, the stains are retained on the surface, so it is easy to clean and handle. Especially the leather sofa cover is difficult to tear, difficult to explode or peel off. That’s why customers love to use this leather line.

2. Making bags, shoes, belts
The waterproof feature allows Microfiber leather shoes to be worn comfortably on the road. Does not get moldy inside causing discomfort to users. Exposure to the environment does not cause skin explosion, tearing, frayed …

Especially in the shoe manufacturing industry, genuine leather materials are so familiar and can be seen as a guarantee for quality and durable products. However, many brands have pioneered and switched to Microfiber leather. To bring products that are perfect in both appearance and superior quality.