Monday, September 25, 2023

Cheap Car Insurance for New Driver

cheap car insurance for new driver

For many, getting behind the wheel is a rite of passage. But along with the excitement of that newfound freedom, comes the weighty responsibility of purchasing car insurance, particularly daunting for new drivers. With premiums often at their peak for this group, it begs the question, “Is there such a thing as cheap car insurance for new drivers?” Dive deep with us as we dissect this vital topic, driving down each alley and byway.

1. Why is Insurance Expensive for New Drivers?

Understanding the why is crucial. Insurers calculate premiums based on risk, and statistics show new drivers, especially those under 25, are more prone to accidents. Hence, insurance companies label them as high risk and charge more. It’s not just about age, though; it’s about experience.

2. Tips to Secure Cheap Insurance

While the landscape might seem gloomy, there are ways to navigate this path:

  • Consider a Black Box Policy: Also known as telematics insurance, this involves fitting your car with a small device that monitors driving habits. Safe driving can lead to reduced premiums.
  • Choose a Suitable Vehicle: Cars are categorized into insurance groups. A lower group generally means cheaper insurance. Typically, smaller engine cars fall into these categories.
  • Increase Voluntary Excess: Agreeing to pay a higher excess (the amount you pay in a claim) can reduce your premium. But ensure it’s an amount you can afford.
  • Limit Mileage: If you drive less, you present less of a risk. Some insurers offer discounts for lower mileage.
  • Take Advanced Driving Courses: Courses like Pass Plus can potentially lower your premiums.

3. Other Factors Influencing Premiums

While being a new driver is a significant factor, others play a part:

  • Location: Urban areas with higher traffic might increase premiums.
  • Parking: Off-street parking or garages can bring down costs.
  • Purpose: Using the car for business might raise the cost.

4. Shop Around

Perhaps the most potent tool in your arsenal is comparison. Use comparison websites, but don’t rely on them entirely. Some insurers might not be listed. Getting multiple quotes and inquiring about discounts can unveil hidden gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I be added to my parents’ policy?

Yes, being added as a named driver can reduce costs. But remember, the main driver should be the one who drives the most. “Fronting”, or falsely listing someone as the main driver, is illegal.

2. Does gender affect insurance premiums?

As of EU directives from 2012, insurers cannot price based on gender.

3. How often should I shop for insurance?

It’s wise to shop annually or whenever there’s a significant change in your situation.


Finding cheap car insurance for new drivers might seem like hunting for a needle in a haystack. However, with the right approach, understanding of the factors in play, and diligence in shopping around, it’s entirely possible to secure affordable rates. Don’t let high premiums dampen the thrill of the open road. Arm yourself with knowledge and drive forward with confidence.