Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What Are the Harmful Effects of Laser Cutting?

What Are the Harmful Effects of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been utilized in many industries for the cutting of materials, which include diamonds all the way to wood. The application of the laser cutter has increased substantially and now is being made into use in schools, small businesses, and also among hobbyists.

The benefit of laser cutting is that you can cut to the precise measurements and dimensions as the user wants. But the only downside is that the laser cutting could prove to be a health hazard due to the fumes it emits. The damage will increase if there is a lack of a proper air filtration system in the workspace.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting makes use of computers to design and help in the cutting of material precisely. The process is also used in the cutting of diamonds. There are three kinds of laser cutters:

  • Fiber lasers
  • CO2 lasers
  • Nd and Nd-YAG laser

Health risk of laser cutting fumes

Laser generated air contaminants are released during the process of cutting and engraving, which makes it very hazardous if inhaled. The chemical vapors, aerosols, and smoke emitted when the laser beam is beamed into various materials prove to be dangerous for the people in the workspace.

The particles released by the process depend on the type of material that is being drilled on. This could range from dust, NO2, CO, Chromium, Nickel, and so on. Because of these fumes, which are toxic, worksites should ensure they have a proper air filtration system.

Filtration systems must be installed in the space where the cutting occurs to avoid the accumulation of the toxic fumes in the air. Charcoal filters will use the chemical absorption mode to filter out the vapors and gases. There are also HEPA filters that will filter out all the toxic fumes, including dust particles making it much safer to work.

The side effects of laser cutting include asthma, repertory issues, inhalation of the fumes for a prolonged period of time, might also result in cancer and lung disorders.

Businesses of all sizes, including those of smaller workshops, have to have laser fume extractors to prevent long-term health hazards. They are usually portable and easy to use. With proper laser fume extractors in place, you can be sure to work with your laser cutting machines without fear and ensure you get your work done.