Security Guard Search Procedures


One part of the activity that all Security Guards should lead at once or another is a security search. This will include looking through bodies, property (ie sacks) vehicles or even structures. 

Plainly the kind of condition you fill in as a Security Guard will decide the degree and how frequently you have to look through somebody. 

An air terminal Security Guard will spend most of his day doing security look. It is crucial for the job, and extra hands on preparing will frequently be given on the off chance that you are a first-time air terminal Security Guard. 

In any case, there are some fundamental guidelines that you ought to comprehend with regards to directing security look, regardless of what territory you function as a security official. 

Security Look 

Is it accurate to say that you can make an inquiry? 

It is significant that you know the full degree of your forces to direct a security search. 

Discover from your chief or task guidelines whether it is an aspect of your responsibility’s obligation. 

If it is not, the point at which a pursuit should be made, you should consider the assistance of the individual that is answerable for doing as such. Try not to push yourself into possible lawful difficulty by leading body look if you should not. 

Is the Person Aware That Searches Are Necessary? 

Is it true that you are working in a region where the individual from general society knows that a hunt will be essential? Taking the air terminal model, a body and property search is all aspect of the security convention. At the point when an individual knows that they will be looked, they are clearly significantly more amiable. 

On the off chance that it comes as an astonishment to them, you, your associates, and your boss need to address this with better correspondence. 

Tact is likewise key, particularly when managing a well-known person. It is regularly acceptable practice to direct such a pursuit in private. And, after its all said and done it very well may be hard to spare the subject from shame on the off chance that they have just been perceived. 

For instance, Matt Groening, maker of the Simpsons was apparently exposed to a strip-search via air terminal security who thought of him as a dubious character. 

As he was driven away to be looked, a young man shouted out, “Ha, ha!” in impersonation of Nelson on The Simpsons. Groening found the kid’s joke the most aggravating thing about the episode. 

Although similar principles apply to each person, a level of good judgment ought to be applied in the understanding that individuals’ conditions do fluctuate. 

Getting Consent Before The Search 

As an expansion of the abovementioned, if you are leading inquiries at the passage to a structure you ought not simply snatch an individual’s sack and start the inquiry. Advise them that a pursuit is essential and request to take their sack to make the inquiry. 

If the individual doesn’t agree to this, (which they are entirely qualified for do), you can keep them from entering the structure. 

The Different Kinds of Security Searches 

As we have just referenced, certain premises will require the hunt of guests. Either everybody, for example, an air terminal, or indiscriminately as passage to a dance club. In a club it may be the case that an individual is conveying a disguised weapon like a boot blade, so it is essential to be as careful as could be expected under the circumstances. Know the arrangement where you are working with the goal that you can complete the right security search strategies. 


This will frequently be done simultaneously as a hunt of an individual. Again, the recurrence, (either everybody or irregular) is controlled by the arrangement where you are working. 

Thai Security Guards check a vehicle at the passage of the Israeli international haven working in focal Bangkok 


Certain premises will require a vehicle check as well. Most clearly worldwide traditions, or secure doorways to significant government structures. 


This is the standard security strategy as administered by your manager and/or more extensive public guidelines. These will be unmistakably expressed in your assignment directions and clarified as a component of your enlistment to the security job. They will frequently be led consistently. 

Knowledge Based 

On the off chance that a particular snippet of data or a disclosure is made on a security issue, search convention may change because of it. 

The most effective method to Correctly Conduct a Security Search 

The Security Guard Licence must be proficient when leading a security search, it is essential to be aware of the reality it is a meddling system and you are depending on authorization to complete the inquiry.

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