What Are Non-Economic Damages in a Personal Injury Case?


A personal injury accident can occur within the blink of an eye and result in severe injuries. The injury caused may result in high medical costs, but it can be easily compensated by seeking an insurance claim. Although the procedure can be complicated, an insurance claim can be achieved if approached in the right way with relevant details and supporting documents.

The insurance company may lay down several conditions for a person seeking an insurance claim to comply with. Hence, if you are trying to get a fair settlement as compensation, you are advised to contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys who can offer lawful advice on how to win an insurance claim successfully.

Non-economic damages in a personal injury that can be compensated:

  • Loss of enjoyment

Although it might seem less likely to be provided with compensation, a person can seek an insurance claim if he had lost enjoyment due to a personal accident. Even if you are not injured but endured pleasurable loss in enjoyment, you are eligible for seeking compensation.

  • Emotional distress

An accident’s trauma can impact a person’s mental health tremendously in a state where it can start to show symptoms physically. The accident can make a person feel anxious, emotionally drained, have PTSD, or have depression. So, if you are feeling discomfort from the impact of a personal accident, you can file a lawsuit under emotional distress and claim compensation.

  • Pain and suffering

In some cases, you may experience pain. Still, there might not be any injuries physically, which means you might have an internal injury that can get severe and result in complications. For example, a slip-and-fall accident can cause fractures, but it may not show symptoms immediately.

  • Inconvenience

As a follow-up to emotional distress, even if a person recovered from the injuries caused in a personal accident, it might take a while for the victim to get back to their daily activities. Additionally, the lost wages that the person may experience can also be compensated. 

If you are struggling with non-economic damages, seeking an insurance claim is recommended because the law allows any person who has suffered losses by someone else’s negligent act to seek a claim as a fair settlement. Having an attorney will help since he will build an effective defense and get the best deal as a settlement. An attorney will also provide specific instructions on bettering the insurance claim. 

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