Monday, September 25, 2023

The Power of Focus Groups in Packaging Design

You’ve made what you know is an outstanding and unparalleled consumer product. But, so have thousands of other people! 30,000 new products are launched every year with a 95% fail rate.

The odds are not in your favor for making a big splash in the market. The key to making a bigger impact with consumers is all in your preparation. The first step in your preparation must be market research.

Market research includes focus groups that help with product packaging. If a small focus group doesn’t like how your product looks in the display area or on the store shelves, it is going to fall flat with the general public.

Read on to discover why market research and focus groups are essential for a product launch.

Why Do New Products Fail on Store Shelves?

Most new products aren’t a bad idea, they just haven’t utilized the proper launch preparation. Consumers are creatures of habit. When we find a brand or item that works for us, it’s hard to persuade us to try something untested and new.

This is why it is so important how your product appeals to the consumer’s eye on the store shelves.

When you’ve created your first product packaging, it needs focus groups to provide you with crucial branding research and information. A focus group uses a product packaging survey to describe the pros and cons of the look of your product. Establish this early on because decisions made last-minute usually fail with consumers.

Products that haven’t done enough market research miss crucial data on why a potential consumer is interested or not in their product. Is the font distracting, the colors clashing, or is the product messaging confusing? Focus groups let you know if your branding misses the mark on what your product is trying to do.

What Focus Groups Do

Focus groups provide data in two different ways during research design. A group may provide all the data by being the principal source of research. Or, a group can supplement previous research by answering surveys or questions about known concerns.

Focus groups usually:

  • Uncover the buying process
  • Point out customer needs
  • Show how products get used
  • Test brand new ideas
  • Provide brand perceptions

How To Get Good Market Research

The process of good market research involves branding, messaging, packaging, and product need. It utilizes focus groups, marketers, and psychology. A great packaging design company provides market research when crafting your product design.

You need your goods to stand out on the store shelves. The display area in stores gets crammed full of well-known brands with million-dollar advertising budgets. Don’t sell your awesome product short by not investing in the proper packing design right from the get-go.

For further information on how to find good market research, you can learn more here.

New Brands Need a Plan

The key to success with a new product launch is using focus groups to compile research. Thousands of great ideas fail every year because of poor marketing. Don’t let your project become one of the statistic numbers!

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