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The Best Camping Spots in Ohio for Every Season

The Best Camping Spots in Ohio for Every Season

Camping is a beautiful activity, and Ohio is one place you would love to go camping. The state’s natural beauty is incredible wherever you go, from rugged hills and forests to sprawling fields and shores of Lake Erie.

But is Ohio good for year-round camping adventures?

The answer is a big yes. Summers are hot and humid, which sets the mood. Winters range from cool to cold. If you avoid the southeast shore of Lake Erie that receives lake effect snowstorms, you can have a great camping experience in winter.

Let’s look at some of the best camping spots in Ohio for every season.

1.      Mohican State Park

The campground at Mohican State Park is one of the best in the state. There’s something for everyone, including families and veteran campers looking for an out-of-the-way experience.

With plenty of campsites available, you have options for every season. There are electric and non-electric sites as well as cabins alongside traditional camping.

The picturesque landscape makes for a unique camping experience. In addition, expect a family-friendly environment with amenities like hot showers, flush toilets, and playgrounds.

2.     Whispering Hills Jellystone Park

If you’re looking for fun camping with plenty of activities and a balance between wilderness and modern conveniences, Whispering Hills campgrounds in Jellystone Park, Holmes County, has you covered.

The campground is well suited for visitors in all seasons who come to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The hiking trails and fishing lake are an added advantage for adventurous souls.

As a resort camp, there’s much in the way of daily conveniences, like playgrounds for children, an outdoor movie theater, and a heated pool.

With regards to Camping options, cabins are available, but you could also go classic and pitch a tent at the tent sites.

3.    Maumee Bay State Park

Some of Ohio’s best campsites are on Lake Erie’s shores. Try the campground at Maumee Bay State Park for the unforgettable scenery and a wide array of services.

The extensive campsite is family-friendly with select pet-friendly areas. For nature lovers, there’s more than just the shoreline. Woods, paved trails, and breathtaking meadow fields will captivate you. There are also many outdoor activities you can engage in, like biking and sports like basketball.

Available campground amenities include playgrounds, flush toilets, heated shower areas, and more.

Electric service, primitive sites, full-service hookup sites, and tent-only camping are some of the camping options available.

4.    John Bryan State Park

John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs has one of the best campgrounds in southern Ohio. The campground is nestled in the hills and offers impressive views of nature.

The place is perfectly wooded, with plenty of electric and non-electric sites to pick from. Amenities like a camp store, drinking water, a dump station, and a shower house are available.

Adding to the beauty of the campground are the nearby attractions like the scenic John Bryan State Park and the historic stagecoach trail that would appeal to hikers.

5.    Memory Park Campground

If you prefer primitive camping to experience nature as it is, there are plenty of options across the state. One of the little-known but beautiful campgrounds of this kind is Memory Park. It’s a private campground in Atwood Lake State Park in Mineral City.

The campground is ideally out-of-the-way with several primitive sites in green open spaces, maple trees, and on the banks of Conotton Creek.

The pet-friendly campsites come with a fire pit and picnic table. You are assured a genuine rustic experience with beautiful views of the sprawling landscape, forest, and stream. Simple activities are available such as fishing, hiking, and observing nature.

Activities While Camping in Ohio

Are there activities you can engage in while camping in Ohio?

Well, camping is great, but what makes it even more fun is the ability to do things out there and not just sit around the fire most of the time.

Keep in mind that Ohio is a land of rivers, mountains, lakes, and fields. Many campgrounds have scenic trails, fishing spots, playgrounds, and breathtaking nature observation areas.

You can devise fun activities for yourself and loved ones, like reading, stargazing, and sharing campfire stories. The only illegal activity you may be tempted to partake in is smoking weed unless you’re a patient with an Ohio medical marijuana card.


Ohio attracts locals as well as campers from all over the US to immerse themselves in the state’s beautiful outdoors. Try out these camping spots designed for every season.