Surviving Life as an Entrepreneur: 4 Tips to Keep You Sane


If you are an entrepreneur just starting a business, stress is a daily occurrence. Just trying to get everything done with a skeleton crew in the beginning takes up every waking moment of every single day. Why not do yourself a favour? There are some simple ways to reduce all that stress long enough to enjoy moments of sanity. Here are a few things you could try.

Invest in a Full-Body Massage

It might seem a bit bizarre to think of getting a full body massage as an investment, but actually that is exactly what it is at this point in your life. There is no way to endure such high levels of stress for long periods of time without going out of your mind – quite literally! In fact, check out the services at You can pop in for a bit of therapeutic relaxation your body sorely needs, no pun intended.

Have You Considered Outsourcing?

One of the things which many new entrepreneurs try to endure is doing too much, too soon. If you can’t afford to hire a personal assistant, for example, why not consider using outsourced services such as accounting? In fact, you can even contract an outsourced personal assistant if that’s what is keeping you stuck on the phone or responding to communications from clients and prospective clients. An outsourced personal assistant can answer emails, have calls forwarded to them and take on many of the administerial tasks that are weighing you down.

Find a Mentor

You should never feel like you are in this alone. Most successful entrepreneurs will gladly admit that they had an amazing mentor in the initial days. In fact, many have carried on that relationship for several years because a mentor understands your challenges and is there to guide you or to help you discover your own answers to professional dilemmas. Sometimes it forges the bond of a lifelong friendship. At some point, your mentor may even become the mentee in certain situations where you’ve had the experience they lack.

Take Time Out for You

As with the full body massage mentioned above, sometimes it just takes stepping away from the chaos for a bit to set your mind and body at ease. Unless it’s an urgent crisis like the building is on fire, you can find ways to take an extra hour or two at lunch or knock off early at day’s end. There is no way to continue going at this pace without losing what little sanity you have left. As a matter of fact, have you tried delegating some of your tasks to trusted employees who could fill in for you so that you can take that much needed break?

Just remember that you are the foundation of your startup and with too much weight, any foundation is likely to crack. There are ways to relieve some of the pressure without spending a small fortune. For today, that’s what you’ve been tasked with. Relax with that massage, contract an outsourced personal assistant and learn to delegate. You’ll find life a whole lot better for such a small effort.

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